Limited Time: Buy any game for $9.99 + TAX and 2 eligible games @ Gamestop

BehindGames writes: For a limited time you can buy any game from Gamestop for $9.99 + TAX


correction: buy any game for $9.99 + TAX and 2 eligible games
and sorry for misleading

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Kalebninja2820d ago

this title is misleading first you have to trade in two eligible games

Bimkoblerutso2820d ago

Yeah, and then it's not even mentioned in the description either.

NonApplicable2819d ago

Click on " +" and downvote this website so they can't pull this crap again. We have no time for journalism like this.

spicelicka2819d ago

And its all new games people probably bought for $60 each, so for $129.99+tax worth of your games you're getting a $60 game. Better off selling those games on ebay or craigslist, you'll get more than $60 easily.

dericb112820d ago

So Xenoblade is on the list. Trading it in would value it at $25 technically. But you sell it for $90. I'm sorry GameStop may as well just put a middle finger on their receipt and leave a turd in your bag.

JackOfAllBlades2820d ago

Yeah that is a total rip-off, since gamestop is already making boat-loads of cash off of xenoblade

user55757082819d ago

only actual deal here is if you trade in sports titles because those will lose value very fast

every other game on the list they stand to make a nice amount of profit

lastdual2819d ago

Same Metroid Prime Trilogy. Almost any of those games would net you more if you tossed them up on eBay.

Deadpoolio2820d ago

Well IF someone read more than just the title they would know that....It's not gamestop fault that people are ignorant, they have ran this promo before so common sense would dictate that there is a list of eligible titles you have to trade first....

Hell the article clearly has the list of eligible titles, lord forbid they not want everyone's 10 cent trash games with no box, or jizz/Soda/Cheetos dust covered box and discs scratched to hell

Kalebninja2820d ago

i did read it how the hell else would i be able to point out the title is misleading? and its not common sense if you havent seen the promo because i dont constantly go to gamestop or their site..noone even said its gamestops fault so your comment is irrelevant

Enigma_20992819d ago

I'm getting sick of people using misleading headlines to troll for hits, and I'm getting even sicker of people like YOU defending them for doing it!!!

KonsoruMasuta2819d ago

You can still have an eligible game that's covered in jizz and soda.

The last part of your post makes no sense.

Ripsta7th2819d ago

I dont think anyone on this site treats their games like that...

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StoutBEER2819d ago

So everyone LOVES Gamestop when we are looking at an all digital future. But after thats changed we go back to screw you Gamestop! Me thinks there's alot of crazies on the internetz

NonApplicable2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

I say screw Gamestop! I want a digital future but on our own terms. It's the consumer who controls the market. We proved that with the recent events at Xbox.

SchwoererBear2819d ago

I support gamestop, how else will you sell games and by used in an all digital world, even next gen only has 500gb, i just downloaded unchrted 3 and it was 40gb.

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Akira20202820d ago

I was so excited and ready to run to Gamestop, but then I actually read the article. WTF man, I was about to leave my kid alone so I could buy a $9.99 game at Gamestop. FN misleading article. LOL!

MidnytRain2820d ago

Thank God for misleading titles then, lol.

Deadpoolio2820d ago

Cause it was hard to figure out that there was a list of titles that you had to be trading to get that game for $9.99...They've run this promotion before, common sense should have told you that...

KonsoruMasuta2819d ago

Why are you trolling this article?

Wescyde2820d ago

This is BS first not every gamestop will allow this deal! I went to two in my area and the only game allowed was the last if us! In the fine print on GS website subject to manager approval! Such false advertisement!

Deadpoolio2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Ummmm Gamestop is a corporate company, when they run a promo like this it is the same across the board in EVERY location....That subject to manager approval is at the end of EVERYTHING GS does, and really means nothing....But they have to put things like that and the trades must be in full working conditions because morons bring games that look asstacular then can't grasp that IF it needs to be refurbed than NO it will not apply....

Instead of taking in all your trash you probably could have saved yourself time and looked at the list of eligible titles....It's not just the Last of us, you just obviously took in all your trash ass 10 cent games....

Just cause you don't know how to read doesn't mean that it's false advertisement...Simple reading comprehension would have saved you the time.

Hicken2819d ago

It's not false advertisement if it's there in the fine print.

0pie2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

meh... you have to trade 2 games... Misleading title. Vote down this website.

twdll2820d ago

How did this make it to publishing?

KwietStorm_BLM2820d ago

lol you ask that like N4G has a reputation for any sort of good filtering

Kalebninja2820d ago

yo i made a legit article for pokemon news a few days ago moments after images and a video was released with a source a full description and good link and i got a negative comment no approvals and 3 reports... and this gets approved

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