Eurogamer: Okami First Impressions

Eurogamer writes: "Porting Okami to the Wii always seemed like an obvious decision to make - at least on a mechanical level, with its gesture-based controls lending themselves well to the Nintendo machine. But, for a long time, the chances of this ever happening appeared to be a distant prospect. Despite numerous Game of the Year awards in 2006, this nailed-down 10/10 classic just didn't sell, and cold business logic dictated that Capcom eventually had to pull the plug on Clover Studios.

The fact that the public turned its nose up at such a critically lauded game has been the subject of much debate ever since. Capcom reckoned it wasn't helped by the fact it came out just as its core audience were moving onto next generation platforms; others point to the fact it was literally too arty for its own good."

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wiizy3844d ago

waiting to buy this little gem.