PS4 Companion: 4 Reasons Why the PS Vita Can Make a Comeback

IBTimes: ''The rumoured $500 PS4 and PS Vita bundle has been buzzing around, which brings people to a debate on whether or not this may be the chance for the PS Vita to happen as a trend.

In lieu of keeping things on a positive note, here are some ways that the PS Vita may actually be gearing up for a comeback, not just as a PS4 companion for remote play, but also as a handheld gaming device.''

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user74029312827d ago

if vita needed its comeback it would have wiped it from 3ds's face.

Ares84HU2827d ago

What comeback?? I play it every day. Loving the little machine!

Otoshigamisama2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Me too and I'm currently playing DC on it :)and chances of price drop is high if vita hits 220$ below then sale will improve

SegaSaturn6692827d ago

I'm very disappointed smt4 was exclusive for 3DS. I think it really would have been a title worthy of the Vita.

ABeastNamedTariq2827d ago

I'm pretty sure Nintendo owns the main SMT series. Sony owns a spinoff, the SMT: Persona games.

MrMister2827d ago

Neither of them own Smt or persona. Have you no understanding of how 3rd party relationships work?

ABeastNamedTariq2827d ago

You know what I meant! Lol Atlus develops main SMT for Nintendo, Persona for Sony. Is that better, you non-inferring person you!?

TheOneEyedHound2827d ago

I m buy the Vita somewhere down the line. The whole companion thing got me thinking of the "Companion Cube" for that alone I'll buy it.

Williamson2827d ago

I know 100% that I'll use remote play all the time. Gow collection and ICO collection work great on the vita through remote play already so I imagine it will work even better with the ps4.

ShwankyShpanky2827d ago

If remote play works as theorized, I'll definitely pick one up in the future.

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