10 Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games to Watch for

PC Magazine: ''One does not simply purchase a new video game console. One must also purchase games. PlayStation 4, Sony's next-generation home video game console, is set to hit retail outlets this fall, thus kicking off yet another console war between Sony and Microsoft (which has its new system, Xbox One, slated to appear in the same time frame). There's been an eye-rolling amount of fanboy bickering in the dark corners of the Internet regarding the systems' horsepower, but, really, the conversation should be about the games.''

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wishingW3L2827d ago

they are recommending games they haven't even played. =/

KonsoruMasuta2827d ago

I hate these slideshow type articles. I'm not even going to bother reading it.

Fireseed2827d ago

WOW! This is by far one of the worst lists I have ever seen. It literally is nothing more than a bunch of multiplatform games, only taking into account 1 exclusive...

Misaka_x_Touma2827d ago

from me well not getting it at launch so I don't know.
None of the games catches my interest.