Forget GTA - Saints Row IV Is A Lot More Like Assassin's Creed

Daav from NoobFeed plays around in Saints Row IV, to find out that the concerns over the game going away from its roots may be in vain. If anything, going away from one model is opening up this game to more exploration, which in turn benefits the old design as well. Everyone wins.

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Martywren2816d ago

Lol this is in the pc section, I guess this article would sing a different tune if gta v was on pc smh

isarai2816d ago

No thanks, no matter how "Crazy" saints row gets it just doesn't match the dynamic atmospheric detailed world in GTA games

HolyDuck2816d ago

More like assassins creed - Yea, if assassins creed had crazy like weaponry, vehicles of the motorized kind and aliens.

Don't see a comparison between either GTA or AC, Saints Row is way out there with the weird, looks way past enjoyable now.

Also, the video was a bit boring because the guy spent most of the time running away from the boss.

Ares84HU2816d ago

Saints Row is a good game but not as good as GTA.

In my Book:

#1 Just Cause
#2 Red Dead Redemption
#3 GTA
#4 Saints Row

josephayal2816d ago

#5 Sleeping dogs
#6 Watch Gogs