Next-Gen.Biz: Best Selling Games - The Analysis

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Yesterday we gave you the raw data on the games people bought in the last year. Today we use that data to illuminate several observations about the individual companies and platforms and genres as well as gain some perspective on the industry as a whole.

Among the questions we'll answer:

Which publisher generated the greatest unit sales in the top 100?
Systems can live and die by exclusives – which systems got the lion's share of these jewels?

Buying a system? We'll tell you which one can play more of the top 100 software titles than any other.

Are people still buying licensed games by the truckload? Did music games beat out sports games? The genre rankings reveal all.
And are European tastes different from American? You bet, and we'll show you just how different they can be.:

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GODofDOOMS3844d ago

very interesting Article
either way i don't like it cause all it talks about is 'sale numbers'

wiizy3844d ago

very nice read... good to the see the wii continue to get alot of exclusives in 08

Captain Tuttle3844d ago

I'm really glad started doing these types of articles. The analysis takes the fanboy (of all types) right out of the discussion.

ukilnme3844d ago

"The analysis takes the fanboy (of all types) right out of the discussion."

That would explain why there's not many hits on this article.

It was a nice read. To me it looks likes this will be a 3 console generation and that works out just fine for me.

desolationstorm3844d ago

I always like the site they do a real good job of just putting the numbers out there and giving their opinion.