8 Predictions For Gamescom 2013

Ali from 42 level One predicts the big announcements for Gamescom 2013.

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Funantic12821d ago

Microsoft sure is making a sweet deal for $500. Killer Instinct and Project Spark already are free but a third game would make the X1 a easy choice. I hope it's not FIFA tho.

iPad2821d ago

You only get one free character in Killer Instinct. So is it really free?

HolyDuck2821d ago

I think it's going to be a common way of distributing games this gen.

I'm pretty sure Sony are doing the same with the PS+ version of Drive Club.

I'm sure they'll both be great games either way, it's just nice to own a full game and having to buy the content you want.

GusBricker2821d ago

Perfect for me. Not a fan of fighting games, but hell, if it's free, I'll give it a try.

Funantic12821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Yeah whether it's 1 or 12 characters it's free. Nobody knows if it'll be cheap or what. It could be. Or they could have certain days where they'd let you try all characters to see which ones you really like. I'm not a fan of fighting games myself so I don't really care. But 2 more free games on top of that is even better. Plus getting a Kinect all for $500 is a great deal. I can't refuse it.

Sci0n2821d ago

Microsoft could bundle in a lifetime xbl gold pass along with those games and I still wouldn't buy it.

JBSleek2821d ago

Why not? And I am being serious.

Sci0n2821d ago

been microscamed enough and I am tired of it.

N82821d ago

Damn! I respect your opinion. Your dead serious too I can tell

EXVirtual2821d ago

Agreed. You don´t even have to explain.

Sci0n2821d ago

I can see it now so many ppl who do decide to get the xbox one first will end up trying to return and exchange it for a PS4. Microsoft will sneak more pay walls on customers and they will ease them drm policies in that they ended up taking away because there ultimately low preorder sales.

Sci0n2821d ago

I remember when I was working at circuit city having to explain to a mom why her netflix that she is already paying for won't work on her xbox 360 unless she buys a xbl gold subscription. She was like well my kids are young so they don't game online and I mainly use it for movies. Microscam is a filthy money hungry unconsumer friendly company.

N82821d ago

Funny when people say they made a mistake. No they would have gotten destroyed that's why they did it

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