Next-Gen Controllers: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Vincent Deshaies from GameFocus has gotten his hands on both the PS4 and Xbox One controllers. He shares his thoughts and breaks down everything by category to find out which next-gen controller is the best.

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user74029312827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

ive had the luxury of holding a ps4 dualshock 4 and that thing melts around your fingers like a glove. i dont think there could possibly be a better controller. i also recall how amazing the springs bounced upn l2 r2.

theWB272827d ago

Shocker you'd think that. Truly a shoc....

MasterCornholio2827d ago

Your just jealous.


Motorola RAZR i

theWB272827d ago

: )...really i am. Too long a wait.

stage882827d ago

Great review!

Looks like the DualShock 4 will be the 'go to' controller next generation.

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gaelic_laoch2827d ago

I bet you have not washed your hands since!

Gozer2827d ago

Nothing worse than a controller with someones ball sweat all over it. Wash your hands please.

user74029312827d ago

i swear to god man i wanted to play a game with it but ill have to wait to fully experience it. no joke i cannot see what they could possibly do any better.

badchestpains2827d ago

Did the bumpers or triggers feel more appropriate for shooting? After playing BBF3 on my ps3 so much it feels wrong using the triggers on my 360. Hoping the bumpers are still as good.

Both controllers look good though. Think the dualshock is a bit more exciting with speaker + touchpad imo, though the ones rumble triggers sound nice too.

user74029312827d ago

i use both of my index fingers for fps games, but transitining fron L1 and L 2 was remarkably seemless. the triggers are tight and almost bouncy in a way, but firm at the same time. it feels really great.

kingPoS2827d ago

I feel the same way.
I'm hooked on L1 & R1 too.

zeksta2827d ago

Thank you Mr. Schwarzenegger!

But seriously, I've had the chance to get my hands upon the Dualshock 4 and I can say it's truly an amazing piece of technology to grip, it feels sturdy and so much more well designed in comparison to the DS3, it's honestly almost perfect in every aspect to me.

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black0o2827d ago

i grow up with DS, it feel natural to me

so DS4 FTW!

BallsEye2827d ago

I used sony controllers since the day psone was released. Loved the controller but once I've tried 360 controller I never wanted to go back. Really, it's just that good IMO. Can't wait to get my hands on XO one, it just looks so...quality!

black0o2827d ago

try takken or KOF with x360 gamepad it sucks .. DS is more universal the x360 in my opinion

Gozer2827d ago

I used sony controller as well and the 360 controller is miles better. The thumbsticks of sonys controllers couldnt be any less ergonomic. My thumb would go numb after long play sessions with a sony controller. I think the author of this article is looking for some kind of approvement, that why he posted his story on this site. That and ad money.

The 360 controller is tried and true and should be a joy on the X1 with all the added features. Cant wait to feel rumble in those triggers.

KonsoruMasuta2827d ago

360 controllers are alright. They are just horrible for fighting games.

Vinc3602827d ago

You may be in for a surprise once you try this one! It doesn't feel all that familiar :)

jessupj2827d ago

I tried cod zombies once using the xbox controller.

I couldn't get used to it. I found the offset joy sticks extremely annoying.

Very much looking forward to the improved symmetrical D4.

Vinc3602827d ago

If you guys have ANY question you'd like me to answer (I wrote the article), please ask away! I'll be in the comments. Obviously I can't really answer directly on here because of the bubbles limit, but I'll be in the comments under the article itself. Thanks! :)

user74029312827d ago

how much would a second dualshock 4 cost?

Vinc3602827d ago

59.99 is the MSRP, please ask your questions on the actual gamefocus website as I can't answer them all here.

p0tat0stix2827d ago

Thank you for writing such an objective and unbiased article, and especially since it's such a matter of personal opinion!

I really appreciate such a clear-headed and well written article. I'm excited for both, as I may end up purchasing both :)

OneAboveAll2827d ago

I like that the X1 controller can be charged using any micro usb wire.

My phones wire will work great.

us_army2827d ago

^^ After you purchase a seperate battery pack

Fergusonxplainsall2827d ago

Us_army speaks the truth and disagrees come in..

Charge and play cost $24.99 for XB1.

Stop making up false positives to cater to a money hungry game console.

OneAboveAll2827d ago

Why am I getting disagrees? It is a fact you cab charge the controller via any micro usb cord.

tigertom532827d ago

He didn't include Connectivity Xbox One new WIFI Direct 20X the bandwidth of the previous controller. It going to be really nice when it comes to Gamer Headphones no need to attach any hardware on the back of the console or have batteries in the head set, all you have to do is plug it into the controller, plus they are 40 dollars cheaper...

Petro2827d ago

New DualShock has 3.5 mm headphone jack built right in, use any audiophile headphones you want. :) My V-Moda M-100 is ready.

tigertom532827d ago

Sorry guys but you can not send game audio through your ps3 or ps4 controller like you can with the xbox one. current generation console only send and receive microphone information.. xbox one can send 7.1 audio to the controller and to the headset because of the new WiFi direct bandwidth and no need for Bluetooth or any other device that plug into the back of the current generation consoles...

tigertom532827d ago

Microsoft told Game Informer that the new Xbox controller features a “high speed data port” which will allow for new peripherals to be used -- including stereo headsets -- through the controller. Let’s hope Turtle Beach is looking at that functionality.

Polk Audio 4shot Gaming HeadPhones uses this feature.

edgeofsins2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )


PS4 uses Blutooth. It can send audio through the controller.

You don't need to plug a blutooth device into any current generation console. That is what blutooth is about...

Edit: Not to mention the PS4 controller has a speaker inside of it..

tigertom532827d ago

You must not have a Gamer headphones for the current generation of consoles. Go to any wireless gamer Headphone website they all require a transceiver module in the back of the console to send the audio to the headset. I talked with Polk Audio the said that all the game audio with the Xbox One can be sent through the controller require no additional hook up in the back of the console or additional receiver equipment in the headset...

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us_army2827d ago

My biggest gripe when I held the X1 controller was the resistance and kick back of the triggers. It felt way too light, and it needed a better bounceback. Did you experience this too?

But yeah the Dualshock is remarkable

Vinc3602827d ago

It was a little jarring at first, but I got used to it and appreciated how much more precise the triggers feel.