Teen in 'thrill kill' case acted in self-defense, lawyer says

Jean Pierre Orlewicz, 18, never planned or even intended to kill Daniel Sorensen, but the 26-year-old bouncer from River Rouge pulled a gun on Orlewicz who fought back, his defense attorney told jurors today at the opening of the trial in Wayne County Circuit Court.

Panic followed Sorensen's death from a dozen stab wounds on Nov. 7, the lawyer said: The sawing off of his head with a hacksaw, burning his fingertips with a blowtorch in an effort to make him unidentifiable, calling a friend to help clean the murder scene, setting fire to the torso and dumping it in a vacant lot and tossing the severed head into the Rouge River.

Teen lifestyles of today -- its music, movies, video games and the Internet -- all contributed to the decision to hide the body instead of calling police, defense lawyer Joseph Niskar told the jury of 10 men and four women.

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Honor_in_Armor3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Go to this website to find more about what specific video game that allegedly influenced the defendant "JP".


I can't give you a direct link.

Go to or and search for the "In Session: Shocking testimony" video.

As a side note, please comment on what you think about the case, that is if the news gets approved!

poopface13846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

cause Im pretty sure it never came out.

This person sounds crazy.

wAtdaFck3846d ago

He doesn't even look like someone who would do this.

And even still, the defense blames the usual ( ", movies, video games and the Internet..." ). Not really surprised. I guess i'm the one to prosecute next.

ravinash3846d ago

When you take into account what this person was doing leading up to this murder....he really does sound like a nice piece of work.
They are looking for any excuse to explain their actions, games and media are the latest thing. This guy is 18 and is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

LastDance3846d ago

internet...damn thats us...good one guys.

poos33846d ago

were are the racist /people that arer alwys on the thread about the black guy who killed his m8 ? plz tell me were are those twats now they only come when its a bad story about a black person were are they why is this story not gettting attention but when its a black face it does stupid p-people ur born to hate u dont know it

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The story is too old to be commented.