TeamXbox: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Hands-On

TXB writes: "OK kids, it's time for me to share the story of the Tomelet moniker. Last summer, when I was a lowly freelancer, game publisher Sierra held an event at the Parker Ranch in Palm Springs, CA. It was your typical editor's day (more like 3 days, actually) where a publisher brings editors and journalists from video game media outlets around the world, to a single place where they can show off all their games at once, and give us access to the games' creators. Since these events usually last a couple days, they have to keep us entertained at night, of course. So one evening, they held a World in Conflict tournament. Teams were split up fairly randomly and a playoff bracket was set. To make a long story short, my team won and I had the highest score on the team (except for our one "ringer" who was a producer on the game – don't worry, every team had one). So what was my prize? A t-shirt? A poster? Having one of the side characters in the game named after me? No. My prize was a one thousand dollar omelet. As in an omelet that cost $1000.

You may be asking yourself, "how on earth does an omelet cost $1000? Is it made out of T-Rex eggs and covered in diamond-encrusted bacon bits. No, it was your standard omelet (a frittata to be exact), with lobster and some truffle oil and a lovely hollandaise sauce. And, oh yeah, twelve ounces of Beluga caviar. People ask me if I like caviar. "Not anymore," I always respond."

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