BandFuse Rock Legends Seeks to Take on RockSmith

BandFuse Rock Legends is the best way to learn guitar on Xbox 360 or PS3. Plug in your acoustic or electric guitar and start shredding your way to the top! "The musical game genre is finally changing shape, switching focus from its staple form, as a party game routine. BandFuse Rock Legends is a new contender, breaking into this popular niche of the gaming world. Others, such as Rockband and Guitar Hero, have been slowly riding off of the same model for years."

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I believe competition between developers are good for gaming.

ArchangelMike2827d ago

I absolutely love Rocksmith, I can't get enough of it. If BandFuse (awful name btw) comes even close to, I'll be all over it like a bad rash.

They'll have to up their game though 'cos from what I've seen of Rocksmith 2014, it's going to be much much better .

fredolopez2827d ago

this is pretty awesome!! as a guitar player and a gamer i really appreciate that the people behind this game are actual musicians. the visuals look awesome, just like when i'm reading tabs! i can't wait for this game to come out \m/

OhhWerd2827d ago

Been looking into one of these games so I can finally learn to play guitar


I'm doing the same as well.

toymachinesh2827d ago

clickbaiting, but I ain't hating :)