The Wonderful 101 Will Launch With Just 30,000 Copies In Japan


Japanese retail blog Sinobi has shared that it appears Nintendo will be shipping about 30,000 copies of The Wonderful 101 for the game’s launch in Japan.

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jc485732822d ago

what the hell is going on?

PopRocks3592822d ago

Nintendo being cautious, like they were with Fire Emblem it seems.

TekoIie2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Yeh this is a wise desicion for a new IP. Bearing in mind that (yes according to Vgchartz) Pikmin 3 only sold 15,000 in Japan.

Based of that 30,000 seems like a sensible amount to go with IMO.

chadboban2822d ago


Just checked Vgchartz myself. According to them Pikmin 3 sold 150,000 in Japan or do you not know what 0.15m means?

TekoIie2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

whoops typo! My bad chadboban.

My point remains the same though. Can't edit it so sorry :/

lilbroRx2821d ago

Maybe they are hoping more people will buy it on the eShop?

BOWZER352822d ago

At least they Are being smart about it. If it sells out, ship more, simple as pi.

admiralvic2822d ago

"At least they Are being smart about it."

How is that smart? Business 101 is pretty much to make more than you could possibly sell, since it's better to have leftovers than missing out on sales. It's a very common practice in food services and it would make a lot of sense here.

Also this does is show that Nintendo has VERY little faith (despite the Nintendo Directs about it) in the title and ultimately brings into question how much faith they have in Bayonetta 2. Not to mention, a lot of US sites / consumers are going to be looking at sales numbers and even if they sell ALL 30,000 copies... it will sound lackluster. To put it another way, Pikmin 3 sold 92,720 copies in the first couple of days ( ), so The Wonderful 101 could probably sell 30,000 given the lack of games on the Wii U. So yeah, it might be a "wise" move, but the sales will look awful and could result in a couple of lost sales due to it.

live2play2822d ago it isnt....clearly you didnt go to business school or even take classes

its actually worse to overship
if you have plenty left over the media and public perception will be that not alot of people wanted it.

if you sell out all over it will seem like its sought after and will create demand

so no, not business 101 to have "left overs"

admiralvic2822d ago

@ Live2Play

Right, so having a cap of 30,000 (not counting DD) on your first week sales makes the item sound REALLY in demand.

Everything is situational and the last thing the Wii U needs is smaller shipments (implying a lack of faith) and low first week sales.

BOWZER352822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

Why would you want to make more? It's called an equilibrium point, business 101. 30,000 does sound like a little bit, but they can always see how it does then see from there and then send a second shipment. It doesn't matter how it will "look", everyone already knows the Wii U is struggling.

trafalger2822d ago

doesn't sound very smart to me. back in the N64 days, yes since cartridges were very expensive to produce and to have them sitting on the shelf could be costly if they don't sell.

wii u owners are waiting for good software, as well as potential wii u buyers looking for big games. having limited supply can have a negative impact when there are so many other choices out there for other platforms.

chadboban2822d ago

Hope it sells well enough that Nintendo will do another shipment.

PopRocks3592822d ago

If demand is high enough when copies are sold out, they probably will. Fire Emblem was sold out for a little while, but demand was so high they reshipped it.

_QQ_2822d ago

Probably hoping more people buy online.

fsfsxii2822d ago

You fanboys are funny.
It seems logical they're not supplying alot of copies, well, because, they want people to buy their game digitally.

_QQ_2822d ago

So just because i mention what may be a contributing factor to only shipping 30,000. that makes me a fanboy? get out of here troll.I know Nintendo is playing it safe shipping this game,but that doesn't mean the main reason is the only reason.

plus Nintendo has been pushing buying digitaly allot lately if you haven't noticed.If you forgot, anyone who purchased pikmin3 online will receive a discount for W101 in japan,i'm sure nintendo took that into account too.So go troll somewhere else.

fsfsxii2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

I know right?
Its like Nintendo WANTS people to buy their game at a discounted price and lose profit.

Well, lets hope you guys buy the games. With the amount of games shipped, i say nintendo is not so sure about that.

_QQ_2822d ago

The fact that w101 is discounted if you pick up pikmin3 online means Nintendo already figured out that they will make a profit from it. Try harder.

fsfsxii2822d ago

Business 101:
Try to make as much profit as you can. Thats business for you.

_QQ_2822d ago

Its a shock Nintendo hasn't hired you yet,how have they managed to have the highest selling software and handhelds every generation without your expertise?

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