Pixel Enemy gamescom predictions — What we think will happen tomorrow

Pixel Enemy staff plays Nostradamus and "predicts" what will be revealed at gamescom tomorrow.

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gamingfriend2817d ago

Same as e3 sony killera xbone but the only difference xbox will get booooood big time, and ill be laughing my head off with joy.

Mikelarry2817d ago

lots of games will be announced

fans of both console will come here and compare which one is the best

lots of articles about teh cloudz

several articles will pop up why each console will be even bigger at TGS

excaliburps2817d ago

LOL at "teh cloudz" bit. XD I agree though.

CocoWolfie2817d ago

my guess is a lot of games ^-^ if im correct this is the last big convention(besides tgs, sorry microsoft) before the expected release date, and to some its the biggest customer convention. so it should be good, im literally waiting for tomorrow to come, hopefully ill sleep in and wake up in time.