About: Universe At War: Earth Assault Review writes: "The story in Universe At War: Earth Assault starts off with an interesting premise but fails when it comes to actual storytelling. An evil alien race called the Hierarchy have attacked Earth. Another group called the Novus are sick of the Hierarchy and show up to beat them once and for all. And a third group of aliens called the Masari actually created the Hierarchy eons ago and have only just now realized that their pet project has grown beyond their control. So, basically, the three aliens groups have shown up on Earth to duke it out and we're caught in the crossfire. In an interesting twist, you don't actually play as Earth forces. Like I said cool concept. But once you actually start fighting and get into the rest of the story, you are met with bad cutscenes, corny dialogue, and an utter failure to deliver a good story on the great concept. The alien factions all have their own unique quirks and styles and seem interesting enough, but you never get to really dig into what makes them tick."

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