Say Hello to New Nintendo

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Since Nintendo made its move from Redmond to the Bay Area, the company's seen a lot of changes.

Gone are so many faces, old friends, that had been with the firm since, seemingly, the Late Cretacian Period. They didn't move down with the company and so new people have been brought in. It's like a new Star Trek crew just moved in, with Reggie still in charge, on the bridge, taking names etc…

Today, at a press conf in San Francisco, we got to say hello. Fronting the new team is Cammie Dunaway, exec veep of s&m. The big news is; she's charming. We like her lots.

Sporting a busted arm (snowboarding accident) she said, 'I'm working for the only company with a controller you can play with while undergoing major wrist surgery. I guess I'm living Wiihab.'"

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PS360WII3846d ago

"Nintendo is showing off a bunch of other games, along with third parties, that will be revealed in the media next week (embargoes are in place). Safe to say, another big year for Big N."

Something to look forward to next week :)

truncheon3846d ago

LAWLZ111 ninty's gone darkside

kobonline3846d ago

does not count as a real gaming system.

Even though more and more people are buying the console, defying their logic.