gamescom 2013: Sony’s press conference venue under construction

El33tonline writes:

"There’s less than a day to go until tomorrow’s big day of press conferences and events hosted by EA, Sony and Microsoft ahead of gamescom 2013 in Germany, and these big hitters are gearing up to inject another dose of excitement into the industry this week during the world’s largest videogame event."

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abzdine2822d ago (Edited 2822d ago )

i cant wait for all megatons! tomorrow cannot come soon enough, and Friday so i can go out there and try all games for myself!!

Timesplitter142822d ago

It begins.

By the way, timezones are confusing. It's at 1pm EST, right? I heard people say it was at 3am EST. I'm too lazy to google it. Life is hard, please help me

hankmoody2822d ago

If this was about the Xbox One, they would have reported that the displays weren't properly installed. Not how but just something overheard through hearsay.

Mario182822d ago

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hankmoody2822d ago

I'm planning on picking up both systems. That is, once the PS4 shows me something worth buying it for.

vigilante_man2822d ago

I don't like fanboy comments but that was funny.

gaelic_laoch2822d ago

No one will know what the Xbone Bilberburg meeting is doing until M$ censors allow information to drip feed out of Gamescom.

That leaves room for plenty of hearsay and innuendo!

Studio-YaMi2822d ago

Microsoft brought it on themselves with all the policies & wrong decisions they took in the passing month(for example : DRM/No DRM - You Need Kinect/You don't need Kinect yet you WILL HAVE to pay another $100 for it in the box).

You can sugar coat it or cry about it as much as you want or voice out how evil this site is or how much negativity Microsoft is getting and how it's unfair but that will not exclude Microsoft from being the ones who brought it on themselves.

slimeybrainboy2822d ago

Build it and they will come.

Blackcanary2822d ago

where can u watch the press conference anyone know and what time it start?