Superman Returns Achievement List

The achievements for Superman Returns has been revealed. There are 18 achievements with a total of 1000 points. Earn the points by doing everything from lifting 10 000 tons throughout the game to finding every kitten. Read more to view the full list.

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Jakens4464d ago

Wish there were more than 18 of 'em. I do like the creativity put into these though.

Funky Town_TX4462d ago

How about when you start the game you unlock a "next gen" achievement. This achievement will give you 1000 points and make the GFX look like next gen. And also a letter from the dev saying how sorry they are for making crap.

Jakens4462d ago

Um, yeah, it would have be be spread out over a minimum of five achievements per Microsoft. How about I get back to you on Nov 20 to tell you if it's any good?