GTA 5 Online New Details Surface

GR - "Players will have unprecedented freedom in Grand Theft Auto Online, GTA 5's multiplayer mode. These details, and others, have been revealed."

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gedapeleda2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

What an amazing value for money.
Only a few can pull this off these days.

ArchangelMike2521d ago

"The Online will be run on the Social Club servers, data will be stored on the cloud. There are datacenters from NY to San Diego, and more Rockstar studios."

data will be stored on the cloud... hmm... sounds very next gen to me. What did R* say about GTA V on next gen consoles?

hmm... I wonder...

camel_toad2521d ago (Edited 2521d ago )

Besides all of the other cool stuff mentioned I like the little feature of watching death matches and races on the tv in your apartment.

I can't even begin to imagine how many total hours I'll end up clocking playing this game.

Psychotica2520d ago

Yeah I agree. Unless there is some kind of game breaking bug I don't think there is another game even close to this.

SchwoererBear2519d ago

Unfortunatly all of the hype about The last Of Us might keep gtav from winning. I personally think that TLOU is over rated and not as revolutionary as everyone says but that's just me. GTAV will be an instant classic just ike every other gta game. can't wait

Simco8762521d ago

Sounds like well worth the price of admission

MajorLazer2521d ago

Now this is what you truly call bang for your buck

vivid832521d ago

this game just keeps getting better and better

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