Windows 8 Banned from Major Overclocking and Benchmarking Websites

Windows 8 Banned by Major Overclocking and Benchmarking Sites due to a critical RTC Flaw.Could Heavily Affect Windows 8 Only Games such as Halo Spartan Assault - All previous Windows 8 Results Disqualified.

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NatureOfLogic2822d ago

This is very interesting, but try techspy.

cococabana2822d ago

It kinda fits both sides. This affects the gaming world heavily seeing its true.

codelyoko2822d ago

I am going to kill HWBot if this affects future PC Halo Games -......-

malokevi2822d ago

I can't make sense of this. Anyone...?

codelyoko2822d ago

Apparently the benchmark thinks that Windows 8 PC has done X amount of work in 5 minutes when in actuality 10 minutes has passed - for underclock and vice versa.

malokevi2822d ago

Doesn't overclocking void the warranty... so its basically illegit anyways? Why would MS design their OS around overclocking websites? Maybe I'm missing something.

jmc88882822d ago

No, overclocking isn't illegal.

You can even BUY overclocking protection from Intel.

malokevi2822d ago

Not "illegal"... just not legitimate as far as licensing and warranty protection...

codelyoko2822d ago

@malokevi Sadly they cant, sites such as HWBot are essential to Microsofts PR. Overclocking, Benchmarks and Gaming are the core to any good PC Company. Because of this they will loose a lot and the Windows 8 Only Games will suffer too.

Coach_McGuirk2822d ago

I'd say the majority of overclockers use the multiplier without touching the BCLK anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.