A new method to get into the Metal Gear Online beta without pre-ordering?

Maxconsole writes: "Maxconsole reader, Rockman_Joey, got in touch to let us know that it may be possible to get into the N. American online beat of Metal Gear Online without pre-ordering the game. Using the MGO beta leak, he found that you can register for the beta in North America at the Konami ID page. The N. American beta will begin on April 21 and will last for about 2 weeks."

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BSigel813896d ago

I work in a mall with a gamestop in it, so on my breaks I always go to gamestop to waste some time. I go down there so much they just gave me a beta code. I had the regular edition on preorder since late last year, I guess they knew that so I am officially in.

Jinxstar3895d ago

I got a buddy who works there. Hooked me up with a few codes =P

CaliGamer3896d ago

The 21st can't get here quick enough. The haters are really going to come out then, really sad everyone wont get to play this or the final game.

nomad1173895d ago

This is hard as hell I'm making a japanese account and I have a headache

Kugar773895d ago

does this person realize that the code acts acts as a voucher for the beta? you input the code ON THE PS3, its not sent to you via email, i dnt think the NA beta has anything to do with the konami website