Mafia: the story so far - Missed out on the first game? Study up for Mafia II with our spoiler-filled recap

GamesRadar writes: "Assuming it comes out sometime this year, Mafia II might be entering a field thick with Grand Theft Auto wannabes and also-rans - but it promises to be much more than just another in a long line of knockoffs. And if our full preview doesn't convince you, consider the following: The original - 2002's Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven - remains one of the best crime games we've ever played in terms of storytelling, and most of the team behind it is coming back for the sequel, including writer/director Daniel Vavra.

Granted, Mafia II will be set in a new era, a new city and will have few connections with its brilliant prequel. But if you'd like to get a feel for where a series is going to go, it's always best to look at where it's been. And while the best way to do that is to actually, you know, play the game, we realize you're busy. So for those who never played the original Mafia (or who played it six years ago and would like a quick recap), we've put together a near-complete retelling of the story."

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