GTA V: GTA Online Features 700 Missions confirms Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games recently revealed the online multiplayer portion of GTA V titled as "GTA Online". The developer showcased first ever gameplay footage of GTA Online which was well received by critics and GTA community.

Today Rockstar Games Director Leslie Benzies has shared more details about GTA Online. According to Leslie Benzies, GTA Online features over 700 missions.

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Neixus2828d ago

wow, that's huge.

This will be my first GTA game, i never really tried the older games, they didn't really catch my interest. But this game,holy shit. Can't wait for the bank heists and stuff :D I hope that kind of missions are as open as payday 2's bank heists

AnotherProGamer2828d ago

most of Skyrim's quest were the same and repetitive

BattleReach2828d ago

How the hell can you have never played a GTA game?!

Neixus2828d ago

Because I always thought it was just a gangster game only kids play, but after all the praise I've heard about GTA V I decided to pre order it.

Haven't watched any trailers or read info yet, but my friend got all crazy about it, and told me that you can do bank heists with your friends online, can someone confirm / deny?
Trying to do a media blackout,you see. I want to play this game by surprise.

rigbybot1272827d ago

It's actually a game for adults, hence the M rating. Saying it's just a game kids play is degrading as all hell. It's of much higher quality than that.

Neixus2827d ago

how about reading more correct? I said i -thought- it was that, as i've never read into any of it. i never said it was.

One thing i learned though, their fanbase gets really defensive quick :)

SolidStoner2827d ago

GTA is GTA.. its like God in gaming wolrd.. so its have its own defence.. :) soon you will learn that!

SonyKong642827d ago

on a serious note, his big is the rock you live under?

for curiositys sake = /

Neixus2827d ago

no rock, it's just that i've choosen to not read about gta 5,so it will give me the best experience when i found out all the possibilities

Am_Ryder2827d ago

Grab a copy of GTAIV on a console, or even better, GTA: San Andreas on PC. Both are brilliant (IV as the most dynamic, cinematic and realistic open world ever made; San Andreas as an unbelievably fun and huge open world).

And both are incredibly cheap these days. San Andreas specifically is often down to a buck or two on Steam. GTAIV is a bit more pricey, but still cheap and amazing. GTA is the Godfather of videogames, in more ways than one. It's tragic that you haven't given them the time until now. I still sometimes play GTA III for fun, it's a mini masterpiece.

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Snookies122828d ago

7-700...? That's freaking incredible. How can so much be packed into one game?

nick3092828d ago

And thats before dlc, gotta love R*

Kayant2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Yep... real full games like the good old times before all this half-assed DLC in most cases and locking down of content on retail disc and mirco-transactions.

Edit - Lool remembered GTA online isn't available at launch but at least the single player game is complete.

BluEx6102828d ago

What is this DLC you speak of? Back in my time we call that an update or expansion pack lol. TBH if they released GTA Online seperate, I would still pay $60 for it hehe. SHHHHhhhh don't tell Rockstar that =)

JetsFool35002828d ago

Wow that'll keep me set until the next gta

KonsoruMasuta2828d ago

And didn't they say the world will keep expanding? That means there will be more than this in the future.

Martywren2828d ago

Yeah they did say that. R* will owned our souls

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