GamesBeat: Pokémon X and Y makes me excited for Pokémon games again (preview)

GamesBeat's Giancarlo Valdes: I have no idea how Pokémon X and Y will turn out. The narrow scope of the demo excluded so much that it’s hard to tell. But what I did play was enough to convince me that I should at least give them a try, if only because my 10-year old self would’ve loved to play something like this back in 1998, when Pokémon Red and Blue first arrived in the U.S.

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JeffGrubb2828d ago

Pretty sure I'm gonna compete in Worlds for this game ... I haven't played a Pokemon since Red and Blue.

wita2828d ago

I'm excited about that headline.

Sadie21002828d ago

Haha, I almost said the same thing. I haven't been excited about Pokemon in a while now, then after reading this headline, I went, "Hmmm...."

jcnba282828d ago

Last Pokemon I played was Gold and Silver but X and Y looks really good so far. I might have to jump back in!

3-4-52827d ago

I've only played Red back in 1997-1998, and then Soul Silver about 5 months ago, and I really liked them both but for every 30 pokemon, maybe only 2-3 interest me at all as ones I'd even want to waste my time trying to find or collect or use.

This game does get me interested in it again though. I would love for them to have a second region like HG/SS did.

Williamson2828d ago

I always get excited for the main pokemon game series, but I agree that X/Y seem really special.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2827d ago

Ive always been excited for Pokemon.

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