GT5 Sales hit 10.6 million, Closing in on Gran Turismo 4

GC - "Polyphony Digital has updated Gran Turismo 5's shipment figures."

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ShugaCane2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Awesome number, for a really great game. GT 6 won't sell as much as GT 5 did back went it was released, though. Many AAA games coming by the end of the year (GTA V in pole position), and the PS4 coming too. They really should bring the game to Next-Gen. GT 6 as a PS4 launch title would have been perfect. Still getting it on PS3 !!

Smurf12816d ago

Yeah, I doubt GT6 will sell as much, it really should have been released on the PS4.

UltimateMaster2816d ago

2 Gran Turismo Games per PS Generation.

abzdine2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

amazing performance!
getting GT6 day one

InTheLab2816d ago

I don't think you quite understand what GT means to it's fans. Not GT fan will pass up Turismo to play GTA or CoD.

CoD and Battlefield BC2 released week before GT5 and it still sold incredibly well.

GT fans will buy the game not matter what and it would be wrong to make them purchase another console to play GT6 when GT5 is the reason they own a PS3.

Man2bFree2816d ago

GT6 would sell alot more if it came to both ps3&ps4!

clmstr2816d ago

It will come to the PS4.

jukins2816d ago

its coming to ps4. which is good and bad. good because its going to look even better than it already does bad because im not gonna buy it twice and will have to wait till it comes to ps4.

user74029312816d ago

best racing game deserves these sales.

sprinterboy2816d ago

Great game, really hope gt6 transfers too ps4 at somepoint as will more than likely trade in ps3 after puppeteer and beyond 2 soul, hoping gta transfers over too.

Minato-Namikaze2816d ago

Has sony EVER produced a cross gen game? I think sony delivers a game to one console platform and thats it, lol.

modesign2816d ago

best selling racing game in history

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