gamescom Hype, Microsoft Mildness and GTA V Incredulity

Today, a boat nearly kills someone, $1.2 billion is up for grabs and Microsoft tries to solve their PR problems by not streaming a gamescom press conference so that no one can complain about it.

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TrendyGamers2820d ago

I think Kaz would have a bigger boat...

xHeavYx2820d ago

That's probably his swimming pool, which is why the boat is smaller

aceitman2820d ago

so the question is when the media said they think ms used all there guns with games at e3 was this true , leaving but a couple of things to show at gamescom to help make up for there missteps. I guess we will find out tomorrow . because if they don't it will prove to be true.

NatureOfLogic2820d ago

Sony have all the momentum going into Gamescom. I think it's smart for MS to hide and play the back at Gamescom. It also assures less negativity post Gamescom.

black0o2820d ago

and let the press do hype and overrate what they saw

KillrateOmega2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

Going into an event like Gamescom, your main competitor decides to basically hide in a corner due to their fear of looking bad in comparison.

Also, Kaz + a boat = the coolest mother****** in the world.