Dying Light Is Dead Island On Crack, And I’m Not Interested A 12 minute gameplay reveal of the upcoming title Dying Light has recently been uploaded onto YouTube, and for the most part the game looks like Dead Island on crack. From weaponry, to movement, to visual aesthetics, the game looks like a re-hashed Dead Island clone with a new title. It can’t all be bad though…right?

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golding892818d ago (Edited 2818d ago ) looks like something I am interested in from the gameplay demo. Looks good to me.

Those graphics are sick..

malokevi2818d ago

Looks good... but I couldn't help but be pissed off by the impossibly windy place that the game happens to be set in.

Do they expect me to believe that every bit of foliage is stuck in its own private hurricane?

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TheBrownBandito2817d ago

The author is the one on crack......legging it through hordes of zombies without getting knocked down, then climbing up onto the roof to escape? Sounds like fun to me.

A pound says it gets proper nerve wracking at times.

user74029312818d ago

dying light looks awesome, its like mirrors edge/dead island but with a more serious tone.

Salooh2818d ago

I don't agree with the serious word but yeah , it's something i don't mind playing . I love mirror edge :P ..

DEATHxTHExKIDx2818d ago

I'm just tired of zombie games ill skip it

Eldyraen2818d ago

Not a zombie game--its an Infected game.

Somehow that makes a difference in TLoU... Some people can't stand when people call them zombies. It all acts pretty much same IMO however DL sure has more generic look than TLoU's Infected.

KonsoruMasuta2818d ago

Well, TLOU isn't a zombie game because they are not Zombies.

Heisenburger2818d ago

I'm with you there. However I'll pick it up down the road for the co-op play.

I looove campaign co-op.

UnHoly_One2818d ago

The guy that wrote this article is presuming a lot about the game from a single video.

Quote from the article:

"It tries to be a survival horror game, but it gives players the ability to parkour across buildings with ease and also gives the player several weapons to easily take out a few zombies. Survival is a piece of cake when players are given plenty of options like that."

Who in the world said anything about it "trying to be survival horror"?

Nobody, that's who, because it isn't. lol

Not every game with a "Zombie" in it has to be a survival horror game.

And I don't know where he got the idea that the story was going to be linear and that you couldn't explore much off the beaten path.

WillGuitarGuy2818d ago

9:05 in the video shown in the article: Survival horror.

SuperSandLegend2818d ago

The devs gave it that survival horror feel from the night portion of the gameplay

UnHoly_One2818d ago

I'm sorry, I still don't agree with that.

Much like when I said earlier that not every Zombie game is survival, neither is every game where it is dark and things can scare you.

jayswolo2818d ago

it's explicitly stated the game is survival horror though. So you actually do agree with him. It's not survival horror, even though that's what the game claims to be.

"Nobody, that's who, because it isn't. lol"
The devs stated it was.

"It tries to be a survival horror game"
Will thinks it fails. You think it isn't one. So're not on the same page but not very far apart. Seems like you were disagreeing just for the sake of it :)

patsrule3162818d ago

I thought it looked cool, but the trailer gave me motion sickness. I am worried that I won't be able to play the game without getting sick. I'll need to try a demo first.

dcj05242818d ago

How to cure motion sickness: Spin in a circle for 10 mins straight. You'll want to kill your self but you'll thank me later.

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