How review scores can manipulate your opinions through psychology

Review scores manipulate the opinions of readers by tapping into their psychology, in particular a psychological concept called "priming," said games industry veteran Boris Scheider-Johne.

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Iltapalanyymi2828d ago

who even reads reviews. sometimes they are paid off and full of shit. Just look at IGN reviews of god hand, deadly premonition and other GREAT games that deserve much better scores.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32828d ago

"who even reads reviews"


Iltapalanyymi2828d ago

just read Lukas_Japonicus' comment. You know what i mean then.

abzdine2828d ago

How review scores can manipulate your opinions through psychology?

For low end gamers review scores mean so much! that's why all media those days are corrupted just to give a good rating to games.
i dont give a damn about review scores, i care about the game itself and the experience it's bringing

christian hour2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I think the broken review system is one of the major factors as to why "Let's Play" videos and twitch are so popular.

For the people who do know what they want and have seen through the hypocrisy that is the majority of games journalism (there are a few maverick journalists that do reviews justice, I'm not forgetting them) it makes a lot more sense to watch some gameplay and make your own opinion of whether it's a game you'd like to experience yourself or not.

I have some friends that let review scores do the talking, and I've watched enough TED talks over the years to be aware of how it psychologically effects their opinions, but if I was to ever bring that point up I know they'd just feel angered and brush it off with pride.

People (males especially) or so bent up on their ego that they find it hard to acknowledge the fact our brains are easily fooled.

Baka-akaB2828d ago

despite ignoring their result , i read plenty reviews ... sometimes from bad sorces just for laugh , as you know what to expect . Especially with currently out of favor genres such as Jrpgs .

It just doesnt taint and influencez me .

SuperBazza2828d ago

As a game journalist, I find your comment very sad. Reviews as tools: they help people judge if they want to invest their time and money into any particular piece of art, and are important as they establish consensus on what's relevant and what's not, hence defining the medium future goals.

It is true that they come with a bias, but this is not bad, it is good! This bias is what pushes the discussion on what a good game is. What is wrong, and should be noted by anyone who reads a review, is that they should not be considered THE TRUTH about any particular game. They reflect the experience of the writer based on what he/she lived before, and will obviously vary according to his/her expectations.

Reviews are as good and as accurate as the writer's experience and sensitivity enable him/her. The writer needs intimacy with the medium and with the genre, but even so it is an exercice of writing history: you will never capture it completely.

What I would recommend to you is reading many different reviews about the games you want to try, especially the most positive and negative ones. In the constrast among them, you will discover that what is really bad for some people can be good for you, and vice-versa.

And respect my profession, please.

Wni02828d ago

IGN gave deadly premonition way to high of a score... shit game man, cool story, but shit game.

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user74029312828d ago

Scores do have a damning effect on consumers who dont know what they want. for instance, i think 'thats my boy' is better than 'saving private ryan' because i love humor.

i think we should stop giving reviewers games they would never play otherwise to review them.

GarrusVakarian2828d ago

Its alot easier and in my opinion better just to watch some gameplay of a game you are interested in on youtube, then you get to be the judge instead of relying on someone else's opinion.

Timesplitter142828d ago

nooo stop using psychology on me, reviewers!

KonsoruMasuta2828d ago

I watch reviews but they don't dictate if I buy it or not. I also watch some gamesplay videos and see some of the gameplay. Watching multiple reviews just help me get a grasp on what to expect and look out for.

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