GameSpot: Ikaruga Review and Video Review

GameSpot writes: "Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade has brought back several great games and updated them with new visuals and improved gameplay. Almost six years since after its first release in Japan, Ikaruga has come home to roost on the Xbox 360, bringing another legendary shooting experience to Microsoft's online portfolio.

Ikaruga burst onto the Japanese arcade scene in 2001, capitalizing on players' devotion to the terminal art of shooters that pit one craft against legions of alien assailants. Your tiny ship must shoot down swarms of enemies and dive through devious obstacles while avoiding or absorbing enemy fire. Yes, absorbing enemy fire. Until then, most twitch shooters--like Gradius, R-Type, and Life Force--demanded all enemy fire be avoided. The key mechanic of Ikaruga--like Silhouette Mirage--was the ability to change the polarity of your craft to absorb like-colored enemy fire. Lest you be forced to scroll through a rainbow of colors, the choices have been limited to two settings: dark and light."

The Good:
-Gameplay is timeless and satisfying
-Visuals look more stunning than ever
-Excellent synthesized soundtrack
-Satisfying shooting experience
-Cheapest way to experience Ikaruga

The Bad:
-Frame rate dips from past versions have not been corrected
-Some users may experience unwanted drift in the controls

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