Rockstar Screws Microsoft on GTA IV

From Gameplayer... "Rockstar has, deliberately or not, undermined Microsoft's chances of not only shipping a bucket-load of consoles, but potentially from coming out on top of the console wars."

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jwatt3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

I really find it hard to believe M$ will not have a gta bundle in the U.S at least, unless Sony made some kind of deal.

sonarus3845d ago

Well from the looks of it, they don't but there is still 2 weeks for them to reveal any bundle plans.

I don't think rockstar is deliberately undermining msoft. GTA is hot $hit and msoft worked a deal for DLC and sony worked a deal for something else. It appears to be a bundle so...whooopdidooo

Expy3845d ago

Apparently it is an exclusive bundle license. And I'm not talking about Costco-type bundles.

jkhan3845d ago

Has anyone else noticed Microsoft has just gone quite on GTA4 end. I mean they were screaming there throats off last year that the complete experience is on the 360, but like since the last month, especially after GDC they have just gone silent. May be they realized its not the system seller for xbox360 and may be they are looking forward to Gears and Fable to become there system seller. So many conspiracy theories:P

Atomic3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Microsoft got the taste of their own medicine , they wanted to screw over the PS3 owners with their anti-consumer and unethical bribe , now karma is bitting them in the a$$

IntelligentAj3845d ago

If it's exclusive then it's definitely a blow to MS in spite of everything they've done. But they don't have to steal anything away from Sony. They need to press their base to buy the game which will suit them just fine.

3845d ago
Carbon3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

M$ screwed themselves, they did what they always do, threw truckloads of money around hoping they could buy their sucess. Next they will be forcing Rockstar to submit (Sell) themselves to M$. Because thats what they do best, buy out the competition.

And the reason why M$ is so quiet is because the bread and butter of M$ AKA Vista is in turmoil. Their spending their immediate recourses on salvaging that and trying to buy out Yahoo, since they can't compete with Google.

Carbon3845d ago


Trick Nolte3845d ago

IF EA gets their hands on Take Two that just might happen. Hope not though, great games take more than a year to make. GTA is not Madden.

dan-boy3845d ago

can and would take-two(who are the publisher, not rockstar!) stop microsoft from saying to retailers "bundle gta with a 360 for x amount"?????????? i don't think so somehow! it would be up to microsoft how much they want to lose on each sale to give a game with the console! take-two will still earn the same with every game that sells, regardless if it's on it's own, or bundled with a console!

to think otherwise seems naive and a bit stupid imo!

whoelse3845d ago

I think we have to wait at least a week after the launch before we can properly judge Microsoft on their push for GTA.

Though i think maybe MS feel the more they advertise GTA, the more they are hurting themselves by pushing even more PS2 owners to buying into the PS3 for that experience.

Glad to be a gamer3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Its Rockstar are screwing Ms by making an exc Gta bundle to the Ps3. Make up your'e mind people it looks like what ever happens with this bundle Ms can't win. Typical of this site evn though Ms are getting the better version with dlc its some how been turned around to be Sony win due to increased hardware sales due to a "supposed exc bundle"

Ill bet a large wad of cash that both consoles will have bundles for this game whether it be official or unofficial. Its the biggest game release of the year do you really think either company are not gonna cash in on the opportunity.

As for Gta4 selling better due to it being viewed synonomous with the Ps franchise i think is very short sighted. If you look at the sales for Dmc4(1.09=ps3, 0.9=360)on both consoles i think it shows that everyone already knows that you can get Ps exc on the 360.

But why am i posting this the point of this site isn't to have discussions based in reality. its there to find articles and post comments that make the 360 look bad and the ps3 look good. I was suprised when that 360 has the superior version article got approved must be an exception to the genreal trend.

dan-boy3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

i remember reading the microsoft were desperate for doing a gta bundle, now sony are potentially doing one it's all well and good. this site really is the dish the dirt on the 360 site.

the average joe wont think it's a playstation game, they will just see that it's on both systems and like you said, they will continue to see that once playstation exclusives are available on both systems now!

gaffyh3845d ago

Wow the PS3+GTA4 is more worth buying in Australia than the Premium or Elite, only the Arcade version is cheaper and no one wants one of them anyway.

Tomdc3845d ago

A Big LOL at Microsoft from me!!!

Feihc Retsam3845d ago

Even if you bought anew Xbox360 and GTAIV outright, it will cost you less than buying a PS3...

They are counting on the consumer being cheap, and if that's the case, the Xbox360 is still cheaper...

And if a large number of those people knwo about the exclusive future content for the XBOX 360 version, I find it hard to believe a PS3 bundle is going to be a deal breaker.

We'll have to watch and see... It's hard for me to speculate on how the general public will respond... I would have never guessed that the Wii would do as well as it has... People are unpredictable, so let's wit and watch.

yesah3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

"make up your mind people".....right, so two completely different people post two different articles and you get annoyed? or do you think everyone else on N4G except you is the same person? If you dont want to read an article. Dont.

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Breakfast3845d ago the pic. haha thats awesome.

MikeGdaGod3845d ago

yeah that pic is funny

i'm glad to see sony throw a couple of punches. they've been on the fence for a while and i'm happy to see they've seem to get their mojo back.

between this and that gunmetal PS3, they're trying to hit the ball out the park.

jwatt3845d ago

I agree, I think for a while M$ has been more agressive saying things like Madden will run better on thier system and they will own GTA4's Launch. I think lately Sony has been pulling off some smart moves by releasing GT prologue, DS3, MGS beta and a psn store update all before the release of GTA4.

INehalemEXI3845d ago

2 things come to mind. Hot coffee and Hot Pocket LMAO.

GutZ313845d ago

If you like that pic, check this one out.

Trick Nolte3845d ago

I bet she can eat ALOT of Energon Cubes!

MikeGdaGod3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

we've all been saying "where are the games?" and now its about to be crazy. my list goes as follows:

next week - MGS4 Online Beta, GT5P, Operation: Broken Mirror, and whatever else they have planned.
April 29 - GTA4
May 15 - Bionic Commando Rearmed (oldie but goodie)
May 20 - Haze (maybe.......)
June 2- Civilization Revolution (the one PC game i really really liked)
June 12 - MGS4 (you guys won't see me till its flipped)

and who knows what surprises we'll see in the time in between those releases. i'm already in the Home Beta, so i'm hoping they'll start adding the final touches (trophy room, in-game XMB, uploading video, ect.) and letting more people in. i'm really interested to see what everyone thinks about it.

i've been thinking about getting another 360, but with so many good game coming on PS3 i don't think i'd have the time (or money) for everything. now add the fact the the gunmetal PS3 is coming and i'm thinking of buying it for my bedroom tv.

sony has done good of late. i think they've really turned a corner.

EDIT: @GutZ31......

YIKES!!! who is that theMart's gf?!?!...............jk

i think i see her red rings of death :0

EDIT 2: why can't i uploads pics? i haven't been able to since the newer site launched.

Bathyj3845d ago


Yuck, the Red Ring Of Death is her underpants.

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toughNAME3845d ago

That an Australian gaming website is saying someone else is screwed.

...I think that's it for now, it's late

Breakfast3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

lol're gonna wake up to alot of disagrees.

wageslave3845d ago

You know, it is strange, there is a lot of anti-MSFT trolling from this site.

MikeGdaGod3845d ago

speaking of trolling.........*looks at wageslave*

TheExecutive3845d ago

lol remember last year on this site? I sure do, its funny.

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Condoleezza Rice3845d ago

wouldn't it be something though if the bundle was Exclusive?that would hurt Xbox sales,at least in Europe.

FLOPbox 3603845d ago

Microwave tried... you can give them that. They just aren't Sony(though they wish)

Sev3845d ago

I wonder if sony paid for this bundle deal, and if so how much?

If they did its certainly a slap in the face to MS.

Its a great way to promote GTA4 on the PS3.

wageslave3845d ago

Sony cant give away a 3rd Party Title and not pay for it.

If there is a GTAIV Bundle, I'll be suprised. That said, I dont see giving away the 2 most anticipated PS3 titles in bundles from a position of strength.

Sure, its good for the user, but Sony isnt doing this becuase they are -confident- in their position, they are doing it to catch up that +8 Million console defecit.

-EvoAnubis-3845d ago

"they are doing it to catch up that +8 Million console deficit."

Very true. And it's going to work.

Sev3845d ago

You watch how fast that 8 million console deficit goes away.
GTA4, and MGS4 alone have some serious console moving power.

To us gamers DTS-MA isnt a huge deal, but you should see the AV crowd over this coming update. I swear its like the second coming of christ...
Some people on AVS are touting the PS3 as the best consumer electronic EVER.
Link -

The PS3 isnt a one trick pony.
Future-proof FTW

tweaker3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Nice one Sev. I can't believe there are that much audiophiles out there.

Warbletot3845d ago

@SEV - Wow... The Audiophiles are going nuts for the PS3! Lot of love for this device at the moment.

akaFullMetal3845d ago

I agree, and also wouldn't rockstar want to make the install base of the ps3 to be bigger since they have future ps3 exclusives from them , so they would want a bigger user base to make more sales, of course they will want to have more sales so they will support the most the one that will make them money in the future.

MikeGdaGod3845d ago

that's true akaFullMetal. i hadn't even thought of that until now.

FLOPbox 3603845d ago

So are we stil pretending the PS3 is 8 million behind??? It's not. Not even close. PS3 is getting somewhere around the 5-6 million range and closing in fast.

RacingX3845d ago

I'm sure they did, just like they'll probably do with MGS4, they'll cut a deal to buy say 500K copies (maybe more??)for worldwide distribution, they tell the publisher that they'll waive royalty fees for production of those copies, buy them from said publisher at discounted price but still a profit for publisher because there were no royalty fees and throw them into the box for a bundle (literally)I wouldn't be surprised either if the GTAIV commercials end with the PS3 logo only, so when average Joe sees the commercial with only the PS3 logo at the end he goes to store and sees the bundle displayed prominently in the aisle, grabs one and checks out. Done deal.

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