PlayStation Store Preview – August 20th, 2013: Divekick

This week, the jam-packed Fall release season gets a little bit of an early start, with three brand-new PS3 titles: The Bureau, Splinter Cell, and Saints Row IV. We also get a taste of more upcoming releases with demos for both Rayman Legends and NHL 14. But wait, there’s more—you’ll have to Dive and Kick onward to find out. - PSLS

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dbjj120882828d ago

Tom Clancy's Divekick: Wub Wub Edition

Xof2828d ago

Kessen III?



modesign2828d ago

i miss the kessen games.

tbon3man2828d ago

What happen to Killzone Mercenary Beta?

dp2774072828d ago

You should of got a code in your e-mail

PrimeGrime2828d ago

Killzone: Mercenary public beta, Spelunky and The Walking Dead on Vita for me.