GameTap: Fallout 3 Preview - Seven things you need to know about this post-nuclear wasteland

GameTap writes: "In a genre that has way too many dragons and dungeons, a game taking place in a postnuclear future was a fine breath of fresh air. Fallout is easily one of the best role-playing games ever made, as it deftly combined a fresh setting, player choice, a great character system, and solid gameplay. Bethesda, the developer behind the Elder Scrolls franchise, is taking over the reins for this next installment, and here's a quick rundown for those of you who might have spent a bit too much time in a fallout shelter and therefore haven't heard much about this game.

You make yourself special. The game begins with your very birth, seriously. You pop out of your mother, then select a gender and customize your face. Interestingly, the face of your father (who is voiced by Liam "typecasted as teacherly" Neeson) is in shadow, but when you finish designing your character, he steps into the light, showing that he bears similar features to you. Alas, your mother dies, and the screen fades to black. Fast-forward to a year later, where you learn basic movement controls. As a one-year-old, you find a children's book called "You're special!" and allocate your points among the core statistics of strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck. Then you fast-forward to your tenth birthday, where you learn about basic combat (by playing with your new BB gun) and about the dialogue system. Your father also gives you a Pip-Boy 3000, which will be your trusty quest/character/inventory interface. After that is your sixteenth birthday, where you take the Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test, a multiple choice questionnaire that determines what skills you excel at (such as small guns, speech, big guns, etc)."

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Breakfast3932d ago

This game is gonna be a great change in pace in what i usually play. Cant wait for this game...oh and great read.