Can you stay alive for 30 seconds in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer?

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi interviews Infinity Ward community manager Tina Palacios about surviving in Ghosts multiplayer and other new details in multiplayer combat.

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JoGam2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

COD campers always find a way to sit, build a tent and camp their way to a win. A pro camper just need 10 seconds to get in position.

MestreRothN4G2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

Tactical bombs and "overpowered" explosives aren't enough to drive the rats out of their holes?

The "camper" swear is the proof of stupidity. The angry player is basically saying that he knows where the other player is and still will be killed by him.

GraveLord2513d ago

You don't have to be lucky, you have to have skills.

How do you think people rack up those kills? In under 30 seconds? You don't even have to camp. A good player will run around the map while having air support and a UAV. If that's not enough for you to stay alive for 30 seconds then I understand why you hate COD. You just suck.

JeffGrubb2514d ago

It's not about how long you survive. It's about what you do with the time allotted to you ... which is hopefully getting a friggin' killstreak to help your team. Jeez.

ZBlacktt2514d ago

Maps that small again? I guess be a good camper, lol.

famoussasjohn2514d ago

Depends, are you going to have revenge spawns like you had in MW3 where I'll get killed, and spawn within 10 feet of where I died?

kayoss2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

One word "camping".
seriously, they should punish the campers (except for snipers). If you are caught camping at the same location for more then 30 seconds, smoke should start coming out from where you're at. This way it will give your postion away. It will bring a literal meaning to the word "Camping".

DARK WITNESS2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

why should everyone be forced to run around like headless chickens ?

I say let the campers camp, there are already more then enough ways to deal with them.

I think the idea of everyone being on this loop running round in a rat's maze is just as stupid if not worse then people who camp.

One of the problems with cod now is this is becoming more and more forced. Nearly all, if not all the maps in the last 2 cods were designed with nothing in mind but run and spray more or less.

kayoss2514d ago

I agree somewhat with you. But camping take the fun out of a multiplayer game, especially when you are playing in a mission or objective mode. You are hurting the team more then helping. Most campers, camp because they want to raise or keep their kill/death ratio up. The second thing that i hate the most is quick scope.


I would say that extreme camping can take the fun out of MP games, yes... but also extreme run and spray also takes the fun out of MP games.

The other problem is one kind of leads to the other.

The case is made worse in particular with cod because of the lag comp and how that can affect gun fights.

when the lag was not as bad as it is now, you could move round the map go into a room spot someone camping and still have time to react and maybe even get the kill if he was not fast enough. if both players were moving round the map you could run into someone and have a good old fashioned gun fight ducking behind cover, even managing to take a bullet - see red screen, and still have time to react.

Now you just run into someone and if you are on the pain side of it you just drop dead everytime you run into someone. sometimes you seem to drop dead before you have even seen the other person shoot.

on the flip side when you are on the good end of it you feel like you are in God mode, it's like every other player just wants to stand around and get shot because they just love dying for some reason.

if you have been on the negative side of it enough times eventually it just feels pointless trying to even run and gun so you just camp.

Anyway, i don't want to turn this into a big lala about lag.

I think Cod4 had the balance just right. sure there were people that camped but it was not half as bad as it is now and I do think there are people who maybe never use to camp but now camp a lot harder just because running and spraying seems so random now.

of course there are people who camp for kill streaks and all that as well, I am not denying that some don't.

I am just saying as much as I hate camping as well, I would also hate to be forced to just run constantly, especially when the maps feel like they are designed for brainless mice.

princejb1342514d ago

Most annoying things in cod are 1) campers 2) quick scopers 3) spawn trapping

When I used to play people would complain that I hard scoped instead of quick scoping, as if I really cared

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