Sony Gamescom Predictions

OnlySP: With Gamescom kicking off in just a couple of days, we figured that we’d bring you our predictions of what the two companies that have been stealing all the headlines, Microsoft and Sony, will have to offer at the show. This article will be covering the PlayStation family.

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user74029312818d ago

sony will undoubtedly show great games at gc, here is hoping for getaway 3.

iamnsuperman2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I think you are living in a fantasy land if your hoping for the getaway 3. Saying that, OMG would I love to see that at gamescom. It would make my week.

MasterCornholio2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Megatons will happen.


Edit: And hopefully the claims that the PS4 wont have any games will stop.

cell9892818d ago

I want some good games shown, my a bomb or two while theyre at it, something to really keep the hype up

Evilsnuggle2818d ago

Please SONY DEMON SOULS 2 and panzer dragon saga 2 . I will give you my first born son.

smashman982818d ago

The announced the sequel to panzer dragon saga at the Xbox one conference as an exclusive so don't get your hopes up at all not even a little I think demons souls 2 would be cool tho.... But probably not gonna happeb

Evilsnuggle2818d ago

the xbone one game is Crimson Dragon its a spiritual sequel to Panzer dragons not Panzer dragon saga. Panzer dragon saga is a RPG Panzer dragon is a action shooter on rails. Crimson Dragon looks amazing on xbone in hope it comes to the PS4 in the usa. The Producer of Crimson Dragon was the producer of Panzer dragon saga also.