MI6: Halo 3 'Transcended Pop Culture'

Gamedaily writes: "In a special presentation at the recent MI6 Conference, Microsoft marketers talked about the success story that is Halo 3. MS wanted to make sure the mainstream, not just the hardcore, viewed Master Chief as a hero.
One the biggest game success stories in recent years has been Microsoft's Halo 3. And at the MI6 conference in San Francisco, the marketing minds behind some of the biggest projects gave a presentation on how they'd planned to conquer the market – and how the titles had succeeded.

Jerret West, a global group product manager from Microsoft, says they had a Halo 3 mandate from former Xbox exec Peter Moore: "Don't screw up."

Starting with positioning, the team wanted to develop the humanity around the character of Master Chief as a human savior, "not as a reckless American cowboy." West says that they also wanted to raise the immersion bar of the franchise."

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monkfish3934d ago

although it didnt have an overly long campaign i really enjoyed playing through this and it still stands as one of my favourite games. Cant wait for the next one. I never understood the comment on the graphics with the whole halo 2.5....anyone who owned halo 2 will tell you that 3 looks more than just a slight improvement graphically over 2. Although 2 was equally as much fun as 3 whilst playing through it when it first released.

Mandangoof3934d ago

Getting to the mainstream that is.
Mainstream don't give a sh!t about Halo beyond a nice, outdated shooting game outsold and outplayed by COD4.

Hardcore still think it's the best selling game of all time/best selling exclusive etc.

That's Gran Turismo for 1st party exclusives, selling on one occasion 2-3x more than any given Halo.

You'll never hear crappy writing like "I need a weapon" or whatever that sh!t is, but every god damn person from the age of 5 knows what "You gotta ask yourself the question, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?" or " ET phone home" is, even if they don't know who said it or what movie it's from.

No one will talk about Halo and it's non-story this year or in the following years. It's over. Thank god for that. (And that they canned the movie! HAHA!)

ben8063934d ago

i thought it got pretty main stream, lots of copies sold, halo trainers, comics, novels, toys, t-shirts etc i wouldnt call that a niche market my self..

Tempist3934d ago

On the whole, Halo 3 has been quite a blip, being that it was only really celebrated more prior to it's release than it was after it's release. My friend who has it, played it and hasn't really touched it again.

COD4 stole the lime light from Halo 3 it seems. Not even Halo Wars is getting that much attention.

In all honestly, I think Halo (1) is a lot more memorable than Halo 3 has been.

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