Sonic Unleashed Wii is Defined as Truly Next-Gen for the Nintendo Wii

According to the The Official Nintendo Magazine , the first version of the Sonic Unleashed Wii Visuals are identical to those which were issued to date on the net!

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DeckUKold3841d ago

Surpasses Super Mario Galaxy Sega did a better job with the wii's graphical power than Nintendo WOW!!!

scoobs3841d ago

I'll believe it when i see actual shots of it running next to the 360/ps3 versions.

jackdoe3841d ago

Er, those shots weren't exactly impressive to begin with so it shouldn't be surprising that the Wii would be able to handle it. It featured basic geometry and texture and lighting and no normal mapping/bump mapping/parallax mapping and the only thing that truly constituted them as PS360 screens was the fact that they were in 720p.

7h3ultim8p003841d ago

Shut up troll. This thing looks great for the wii.

jackdoe3840d ago

Says the guy with fewer bubbles then me... Anyway, never said it looked bad for a Wii game. I said it looked bad for a PS360 game.

bootsielon3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

That shouldn't be surprising, it looked like an Xbox game on steroids, which is not surprising, considering the Wii is an Xbox on steroids.

condorstrike3841d ago

Why the hatting, no one is going to top the 360 and ps3 off the graphics pedestal, but props should go in this case to the wii and Sega, for doing with so little what some developers can't do even for the "next: gen-consoles", also star-wars is shaping up nicely too, remember half cycle of consoles is when good games and graphics come out, so please don't bash, give some props.

ChickeyCantor3841d ago

first its a gamecube on drugs now an XBOX1 !!!!!!!!!!!!LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

bootsielon3840d ago

I said Xbox 1 on steroids because Wii has more RAM than an Xbox. The point is, it's a last-gen machine on steroids, period. Saying it is a PS2 on steroids would also be correct.

games4fun3841d ago

graphics have improved for the wii if only they were even half as good as anything on the other consoles which leads me to question how good will the graphics be on ps3/360 maybe sega is really trying this time around and will make a decent game and give sonic adventure a decent new installment

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The story is too old to be commented.