OXM unboxes an Xbox One - hands-on with the console, controller and Kinect

OXM goes hands-on with Microsoft's new console.

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wishingW3L2821d ago

everything about the XB1 it's so big and ugly. XD

thrust2821d ago

I think it looks good, one of the better looking ones.

xHeavYx2821d ago

Those guys look so excited they almost put me to sleep

thrust2821d ago

For tea am having mince pie and chips.

FITgamer2821d ago

I agree it's size is the only thing that makes it unappealing. The design is better than any other Xbox though.

come_bom2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Who gives a crap if it's big or small, pretty or ugly... I'm not taking it out on a date. It's supposed to stay at home under my TV (or behind the TV if you prefer).

What matters is: Does it work flawlessly and does it's exclusives interest me?

I just don't like the price and that Kinect is forced on the user. Wouldn't mind getting a cheaper Kinectless X1 SKU. Another thing is that they should offer more value with XBLA Gold.

iamnsuperman2821d ago

"Who gives a crap if it's big or small, pretty or ugly"

I personally do not care (being a gamer) but I think the more casual user would care a little but. It is why a lot of money is put into design nowadays. When two systems are side by side the average consumer is easily swayed by pretty looking things (not that I am saying the PS4 or Wii U look good. I think all the consoles this generation look unflattering). Functionality is the primary reason to buy something but coming up closely behind is design and look (something I have noticed over the years)

pompombrum2821d ago

"Who gives a crap if it's big or small, pretty or ugly"

Every time I read something like that, it reminds me of an image I saw of Japanese gamers pointing and laughing at the original Xbox.

It's no biggie but there is something just that little bit extra special about buying a new piece of technology, opening it and it being pleasing on the eye. Still, 48 hours down the line and you'll stop noticing how pretty/ugly it is anyway.


Why is the first post in a xbox thread always a hater?

macethedon2821d ago

You say it as though it's not the same the other way around, also why is someone automatically classed as a hater, when they don't appreciate the way the console looks like.

Typical Fanboy/girl Response.

JokesOnYou2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Well its not the same the other way around, sure there are some ps threads with a dumb xbox fanboy first posting crap but by far its much more a problem on xbox threads, anyway its fine I see it more these days as a compliment because it just shows insecurity, fans confident with their choice have no need to troll the other, xbox fans who can't stay out of ps4 threads must really be jealous of what ps4 brings to the table, same for ps fans, yeah if your are just a gamer and are generally interested in them both then great but if you only post negative about 1 and still can't help but jump on every thread to downplay whats coming, basicly human psychology points to ENVY.

I think X1 looks like a well built classy console but either way how it looks and the size is so far down on my list of things I care about for a console its not even worth mentioning.

True_Samurai2821d ago

I'll go for a VCR than a burnt eraser :-p

thrust2821d ago

Why does it have a stupid angle to it?

Would love them to answer that question at gamescom!

KonsoruMasuta2821d ago

Yeah, it erases all traces of the competition.

PFFT2821d ago



My_Outer_Heaven2821d ago

It's fugly indeed compared to the PS4 but at least it won't look too distracting underneath your TV. It's design looks outdated and doesn't look like a console more like an old generation DVD/VCR player. Imagine if Major Nelson did an unbox video like this and actually honest about it lol

JetsFool35002821d ago

It looks bigger then the 1st xbox

christocolus2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

Will you get the hell out of here..some fanboys can be very childish,they rush to be the first to post negative comments on any article about the xbox one. What the hell is wrong with you? Why not spend more time following actual ps articles instead of posting rubbish here about a console people here actually intend to buy? your opinion its so big,and so what?...smh

FamilyGuy2821d ago

The X1 is big but it looks nice to me, if they made it smaller without changing anything else about it visually it would look better but it's just a box.

I'm a fan of the glossy, black, sexiness.

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PR_FROM_OHIO2821d ago

I agree a console's design doesn't make a system but that thing is just ugly IMO!!

mcstorm2821d ago

I think the one looks better than the ps4 but then again I've never liked the design of any of the Sony home consoles apart from the Psone. I also think the Wii in black looks better than the Wiiu but this has never been a reason for me getting or not getting a console. Look at the ds/3ds they never looked as nice as the pap or psv but its not looks that sell them its the games and will always be the games that sells the console.

n4rc2821d ago

Its retro.. Lol

Function over form IMO. Its size serves a purpose.. As long as it was black, its matching everything in my TV stand

thrust2821d ago

Look at the controller did not think it was possible to make a controller this good, I wants it!

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