Gamedaily: Brain Challenge Review - Being smart isn't as much fun as you might think

Gamedaily writes: "The success of Nintendo's Brain Age has thrown developers into a frenzy to try to emulate that formula, the result being numerous copycats. Originally developed for mobile phones (coming from the mobile gaming giant, Gameloft) and now ported to the Xbox 360's Arcade, Brain Challenge has made the transition very well, sporting bright colors, great character models for your brain trainers and a host of brain teasers to get the mental juices flowing.

Yet, despite offering a bevy of choices, it becomes painfully clear that Brain Challenge lacks the personality and charm of the Brain Age games. That formula is almost completely copied, including being prompted to answer interesting questions about knowledge and the brain, having a daily test of your mental capacity followed by charts and graphs that show your progress, and the like. The problem comes primarily from the paper-thin personalities of the trainers (you can choose a male or female one). Instead of exuding the wacky vibe of Dr. Kawashima or the outright silliness of Dr. Lobe (in Big Brain Academy), these trainers feel more like heartless taskmasters, always reminding you that you're not quite smart enough."

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