Japanese Gamers Really Want the Final Fantasy XIV Preorder Code, Going for 168 Bucks on Auction

Preorders for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are going really well in Japan, so well that Square Enix ran out of preorder codes that give three days of early access (from August the 24th to August the 27th), a Moogle-shaped hat and a Cait Sith minion.

Some Japanese gamers really want these bonuses, and where there’s a demand, offer normally appears to match it, in this case in the popular auction section of Yahoo Japan, but how much are Japanese gamers willing to pay? Turns out, quite a lot.

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Carheadbutt2829d ago

This seems to happen with a lot of big MMOs, kind of sad, especially since many are fakes.

Abriael2829d ago

If i were to spend 170 bucks for a fake I'd kick myself in the face... Actually, i would if i were top spend that for 3 days of early access and two in game items, even if they weren't fake.

Smurf12829d ago

$168 is a lot for a pre-order code, but I guess this just goes to show how popular this game is becoming.

Abriael2829d ago

and how crazy some Japanese are :P

allgamespc20122829d ago

not only dat but the japs are willing to pay 750 dollars for a gurren lagann blueray, so this shuoldnt be a surprise to anyone

Lovable2829d ago

Bidding for cardboard Wii GamePad on eBay tops $90K

Now that's crazy

belac092828d ago

americans do stuff thats just as crazy. just sayin.

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gamernova2829d ago

Got my collectors edition pre-ordered :P

greyhaven332829d ago

I'm so happy for square-enix, yoshida(spelling?) and his team really stepped up their game remaking this. Can't wait for the 27th!

Lovable2829d ago

Got early access code, so I'll be getting my monk soon.