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GodisaGeek: "Pokémon Rumble U is a very simplistic game, but a very fun one. The “Catch ‘Em All” fever really gnaws away at you with a vengeance here as you aim to complete all of the challenges on each stage and find all of the hidden beasties. There are so many different characters to try, and the added bonus of being able to play with up to three Wiimote-clutching friends. It is full of cheer, bombast and likeability – a perfect downloadable breeze of a game that all of the family can enjoy – with the prospect of intriguing NFC figures providing future content to try out.

Gameplay hasn’t moved on from the 3DS version; the combat is mostly about mashing the buttons with tactics taking a back seat. As much as we criticised Rumble Blast, it would actually have been nice to have kept the Battle Royale mode from that one. In spite of this, keeping the focus on the superior arena battles rather than plodding scrolling sections, and implementing a more fun, competitive multiplayer, has made for a much better game that represents much better value."

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mcstorm2828d ago

I got this game yesterday and for £12 its a great fun game. Can see it being even more fun with 4 players.