Ginx- The Wonderful 101 Review

Ginx:There is only one word for Hideki Kamiya’s career: impressive. He has achieved greatness time and time again. Resident Evil 2. Devil May Cry. Viewtiful Joe. Okami. Bayonetta. A list of credits like these would be enough to cement any man’s place in history – but it’s not enough for him. As one of the founding members of Platinum Games, he continues to show all of us a vision of action, spectacle and fun unparalleled by any other studio in the world. He’s also clearly obsessed with the new. Throughout his career it’s easy to see, he’s not a man who does things twice – never returning to direct any of the follow ups to the franchises he started. Instead; he completes a game, he goes away and a few years later he returns again with something totally unique. It’s been 4 years since we played a Kamiya game, so that means it’s about time we had a new one. Ready? We sure are. This is The Wonderful 101.

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mcstorm2284d ago

Downloaded the demo yesterday and I am loving what has been done with the game and I was unsure what ide think of the game before I got to play it but im now going to pickup the game soon. Great start to the end of the year with pikmin 3, wonderful 101 and pokemon stadium u