Opinion: Worried About The Xbox One? Don’t Be.

HUGG writes: The Xbox One has had a torrid time in the short time since it was revealed to the world. It initially took a battering for its unpopular policies regarding used games and internet connection and has subsequently been jabbed about its lack of headset, its required connection to a Kinect sensor and self publishing policies. Microsoft have worked hard to rectify the mistakes they have made over the last few months and have performed numerous U-turns on their less popular policies and decision.

This has left a lot of potential consumers confused and a little bewildered by what the Xbox One will actually deliver. There is now a barrier of mistrust that has formed around the Xbox One because the console has changed form that many times since its announcement that many are worried and don’t want to commit to buying the console for the time being.

I myself have been vocal about my concerns over the Xbox One and I have already committed to buying a PS4, but Microsoft have been dynamic...

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Mario182828d ago

Lol why should I be worried if I'm not getting one

xHeavYx2828d ago

They are basically saying "MS has all the money, so there is no problem, chillax".
If that's the case, why did the 360 have almost no exclusives or new IPs for the past 4 years?

sobotz2828d ago

If you don't care, why bother commenting

Godmars2902828d ago

Because it costs nothing.

GamerGuy1532828d ago

I just thought of something. My cable box only have one HDMI out cord, so for me to use the features on the xbox one, i have to run the only cable through that. Meaning now, if i just want to watch tv, I am required to turn on the xbox. That seems like an inconvenience to a feature thats supposed to make watching tv easier?

golding892828d ago

Easy fix: don't buy an xbox one if you don't want :-p

urwifeminder2828d ago

Was getting it day one nothing has changed for me why worry?

christocolus2828d ago

all i know is that ms is going all out this gen...

christocolus2828d ago it or not ms is spending crazy..rumors of ninja theory, platinum games and now ubi developin exclusive titles have been surfacing recently, and this excludes those who are already known to be creating exclusive content already.i.e epic, crytek.,respawn, capcom, ground inc..i guess we will just have to wait and see..

gamingfriend2828d ago

All out on taking your money you mean lol.

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