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"Though steeped in ambition, this latest role-playing game from French developer, Spiders, is a step back from last year’s Of Orcs & Men. For the asking price you may be getting a fair bit of content to chew on in Mars: War Logs, yet the incentive to do so is in short supply to say the very least."

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allgamespc20122508d ago

please, this game is better than skyrim in so many ways, review is so much bs.

ElementX2508d ago

I've seen a lot of bad reviews for this game. Glad I didn't buy it

allgamespc20122508d ago

ur loss man, its a great indie rpg. but if you love skryim, stick to that easy stuff

FamilyGuy2508d ago

The trailer on psn looked pretty good, I'm surprised by this score :/