Microsoft Give Non-Supported Countries The Shaft

Eskimo Press: "Microsoft has been pretty generous these past few months with their “Games with gold” campaign. For those that don’t know what this is all about; Microsoft are thanking XBL gold subscribers for helping them make the Live service what it is today (as well as lining their pockets, I guess) by giving away a free game every two weeks. Having been a loyal subscriber for the past few years I thought that this was a nice move by MS, and really the very least they could do to reward faithful members of the XBL community."

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trywizardo2817d ago

i thought DR2 wasn't rated 18 !!! anyhow im in a non-supported country and ive downloaded it , so cut the crap :)

FiLTHY ESKiMO2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

If I may ask, what country... and did you have to use a proxy? I've heard a lot of people having problems in non-suppported countries.

Also, video-game ratings vary depending on region... so there could be a good chance that you got lucky with that.

trywizardo2817d ago

i live in jordan med-east ... we use PAL if that's what you was asking ... maybe a luck but so far so good ^_^

theWB272817d ago

Is this news? Cause in his place of living(Iceland) he also doesn't receive the Playstation store.

Ripsta7th2817d ago

Falseeeeeeeee Articleeeeee

DigitalRaptor2816d ago

Well yeah.

They were planning for years to shaft a lot of potential places that gamers live, with their always-online, 24 hour required connection. This is nothing for them.