Romance the handsome hunks of Pacific Rim in “LOVE LOVE CHAU!!”

The catch is that you’re Ron Perlman‘s character, Hannibal Chau.

So, this lovely bit popped up on Tumblr. There’s a new romance visual novel made by the same team who created Aishiteru no Strawberry Breeze based on the characters of new kaiju-destroying action flick Pacific Rim. All the muscly men in and out of robotic suits are here and it’s up to you, as Hannibal Chau, to build a relationship with one of them.

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Bitsnark2821d ago

Well... this is awkward.

KrisButtar2821d ago

He goes from HellBoy to Clay to this...

r212821d ago thank you. Im leaving the characters as they were in the very epic movie.

AronDeppert2821d ago

I don't see a problem with this. :D

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