New Harvest Moon A New Beginning Trailer

A New Harvest Moon A New Beginning trailer sneaks onto youtube

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Patashnik2828d ago

I think I prefer Harvest Moon to Animal Crossing - it seems to have a better sense of purpose, feels more jrpg like. Anyway, yeah, can't wait for this! :)

ShugaCane2828d ago

I've always prefered Harvest Moon too ! But I got to say, New Leaf is a fantastic game.

DaveyB2828d ago

know what you mean. Animal Crossing hasn't held my interest as well as I'd hoped it would... looking forward to Harvest Moon again, feels like ages since the last one I got on DS...

TwistedMetal2828d ago

isn't this game already out? I thought I heard people say they were playing this game until animal crossing 3ds came out.

CaptainPunch2828d ago

For me the Harvest Moon series has gone downhill a bit since Friends of Mineral Town. The newer titles just don't do it for me anymore.

Patashnik2828d ago

I hear 'New Beginning' is a massive improvement over Tale of Two Town's etc (which I actually quite enjoyed anyway). Think this one has a lot more in the way of customisation.

Know what you mean about the latest titles though - sometimes felt that they were just going though their paces.

Zichu2828d ago

I've only played 4 Harvest Moon games, if you count Innocent Life for PSP...

Mainly played A Wonderful Life and Innocent Life. Played a bit of Harvest Moon GB on my 3DS and playing the hell out of Tale of Two Towns.

Really looking forward to this one as well.

CaptainPunch2828d ago

Play Friends of Mineral Town

asiatico2828d ago

Glad this franchise is still around , fan since the n64 days

brandonb212828d ago

reminds me of my childhood playing harvest moon back to nature on the ps1. why cant we have a new harvest moon for ps3 or ps4 ?