The true cost of disney infinity revealed

The latest addition to the scene – and the first to face off against the massive Skylanders ensemble – will be children’s entertainment giant Disney, who are launching their new game Disney Infinity on Friday.
So how much will it set you back?

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kayoss2822d ago

That is one freakin expensive game. So you're telling me that if i wanted the full experience of Disney Infinity, i have to shell out 190.00 Euros? Thats like two tickets to Disney World!

MilkMan2822d ago

Well there would be no other reason for the big publishers to get in on this if it wasn't a wallet drain.
I'm OK with Skylanders Giants. I called it a day right there.

Aggesan2822d ago

This game is for kids. I payed a LOT, or rather my parents payed a lot, for all my He-Man, Turtles, Star Wars, Dinoriders figures etc when I was a kid. I don't think it's a big difference.

Jagsrock2822d ago

For me the difference is we got cool functional toys that came with all sorts of features. The disney Infinity "toys" are not the action figurers we grew up with but instead just statues they're passing off as toys to justify the cost of the dlc. Also the toys we grew up with can pretty much be passed down to our children and so on while this game will get played for 6 months and then get switched out for something new.