New Generation of Games: Xbox One's Announced Line-Up

Microsoft has just brand new trailer for Xbox One. With this latest trailer Microsoft claims that "The Best Games Are on Xbox One".

Here is what the description of the trailer reads: "With blockbuster exclusives, brand new franchises and games that will have exclusive or early access downloadable content, the best games are on Xbox One."

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ShugaCane2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

We'll talk about it after Gamescom :)

(or after Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, JapanStudio, MediaMolecule, Quantic Dream have announced their Next-Gen games)

Gazondaily2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

"The Best Games Are on Xbox One"

Whether or not you agree with the statement, this is the kind of ad MS needs to be putting out to 'entice' potential customers. They should have shown MGS (if they didn't- I couldn't see it).

But yeah, I have a feeling Sony is going to unleash some beastly exclusives at Gamescom. We'll find out tomorrow ;)

minimur122517d ago

What I find funny is that for some games, TitalFall for example, it says
'60 E3 awards. 10 this and that'

then Madden is just ignored and Forza gets an opinion review. lol

a comment on negligence, not how I dislike them or anything like that

Gazondaily2517d ago


In all fairness, if I were MS, I would advertise it in the exact same way. Focus on the accolades for titles that are exclusive on the console whilst also reassuring others that the X1 will still be home to the multiplats that everyone plays.

techuser2517d ago

Games that will be out in 2015

JokesOnYou2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

haha I love it. Let the advertising blitz commence. Xbox ONE day ONE. Good time to be a gamer.

UltimateMaster2517d ago

I'll play the vast majority of those games on PS4.

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Shadowsteal2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

The line that pops out the most to me is "44% of titles will include either TIMED or exclusive content to Xbox One" Which is a higher percentage than the other lines. above it.

And the people commenting that this is a good trailer. Sony does THE best sizzles in the industry. Nobody does it like sony's trailers don't believe me?



one of their more relaxed trailers which still blow this xbox one out of the water

And this one is one of my favorites has a lot of great transitions. But it could do without the inital live action.

sobotz2517d ago

It's timed-exclusive "content" not timed-exclusive "games".

Yeah, Xbox One is getting BF4, COD:Ghost, FIFA14 dlc first.

JunkieJedi2517d ago

It's a bit of a PR trick as that 44% INCLUDES the 38% that are full Xbox exclusive titles. From what I can gather only 3 third party games have announced exclusive content so far (CoD, Battlefield & FIFA) - so that number is a little misleading as they are including a statistic already given to make it sound more impressive.

minimur122517d ago

I'm a big fan of PS Access, the ps channel that did the graphics comparison, their videos like that are top notch. here's another one:

hiredhelp2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

from video i can see this many exclusives.
1 killer instict
2 Halo
3 forza 5
4 ryse
Im not biast thats not bad line up.

Just curious as to witch platform has what in exclusives..
Deep down
Killzone 4
Infamouse second son
I may missed a few but considering the indi back up list too its gonna be a awsome battle.
plz feel free to fill in anything i have missed :)

Mystogan2517d ago

Destiny and Deepdown are not PS4 exclusives.

Also there are many more X1 exclusives then what you've listed. more then 18 in fact.

Shadowsteal2517d ago

@Mystogan List the 18 then sir.

And though you are not wrong about Deep Down but current talks imply that Deepdown is exclusive to PS while Dead Rising 3 is exclusive to Xbox.

JunkieJedi2517d ago

@Mystogan wouldn't Deep Down be on the list for Xbox One titles if it was coming to that system? Don't see it anywhere.....

sobotz2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

Xbox One exclusives

1 Killer Istinct
2 Forza 5
3 Ryse
4 Halo
5 Quantum Break
6 Sunset Overdrive
7 Dead Rising 3
8 Kinect Rivals
9 Fantasia
10 D4
11 Zoo Tycoon
12 Crimson Dragon

MS exclusive

1 Titanfall
2 Garden Warfare
3 Project Spark
4 Minecraft
5 LocoCycle

Deep down isn't confirmed exclusive yet, and Destiny is NOT an exclusive

blackpanther252517d ago

Destiny is on all platforms.......ps4 is just getting exclusive content

2517d ago
Shadowsteal2517d ago

@sobotz really dude?

"MS exclusives"

Really means we pretend these titles are exclusive to xbox

Fantasia and Zoo Tycoon is on Xbox 360 as well. So I count 10 exclusives.

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SnotyTheRocket2517d ago

I've seen Sony's track record with exclusives. I don't really have to worry. Sony exclusives have (for the most part) delivered an awesome experience.

2517d ago
joefrost002517d ago

The only thing wrong with your comment is almost every game in that trailer is coming out at launch

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Bigpappy2517d ago

Nice trailer. Good marketing.

slimeybrainboy2517d ago

Maybe good marketing but good trailer? I find the exclusives thrown in with thrid party's to be quite misleading. If you don't follow game news regularly, you've never heard of Watch Dogs it would be quite simple to assume that it was only on Xbox. I don't think this was a good video, I thought the music was weak and let the whole trailer down. It may be good marketing, it's slightly misleading and doesn't show off the games very well at all. Why spend all that money in exclusivity for Titanfall and then not get a decent video edit of it?

Saddam_hussein2517d ago

Watch Sonys e3 intro idea again and then see how you feel.. It's the SAME EXACT thing

n4rc2517d ago

it just says the best games are on xbox... it doesnt say they are only on xbox..

save for the exclusives..

but even then i love the argument (not by you) that because its on PC that its not exclusive... how do you figure? windows is a microsoft platform just like xbox... by that logic any games released for psp/vita are no longer exclusives.

slimeybrainboy2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

@Saddam I just rewatched it and its completely different, it's just a show reel. This video says that the best games are on Xbox One, I think the fact it subtely suggest that all of these games will be better or only on Xbox One the only thing MS did right in the video.

I thought it the music was poor, and the. In terms of showcasing their games well and just being a compelling video I think this video could have been done much better.

@n4rc I agree that I've never understood that point. If it's on one console and not the other it's and exclusive. That said I still think people should take games that aren't first party published with a grain of salt. Do we really think Titanfall won't go multiplat? The witness? Warframe? Yet untill they are out on both it does remain 100% an exclusive.

-Foxtrot2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

This really adds to their arrogance, like Sony arrogant from 2006. The thing is where is Microsoft's Uncharted 2? Last of Us? God of War 3? Little Big Planet? etc. I mean I'm talking about games from this gen so it doesn't give me much confidence when they say things like this.

Anyway I find the comments on that video hilarious, someone writes

"Watch out, the ps4 fanboys are coming. Not to watch the video. Just to dislike it because they are immature 10 year olds."

and someone replies with

"its funny how we don't do it to them because we are more civilized."


snipab8t2517d ago

Darksiders > God Of War
Little Big Planet was utterly boring after the first 2 hours.
Uncharted 2 was too linear.
The Last of Us had really boring and repetitive gameplay. And yes I have played them all.

Gazondaily2517d ago

You what?!

Uncharted 2 was brilliant- focusing on the linear nature of the game is missing the point completely. It doesn't change the fact that it was an extremely enjoyable game with an excellent storyline, great gameplay, with brilliant voice acting and visuals.

TLOU- set an industry standard in terms of story, action and immersion.

LBP was a creative masterpiece that was simply to get into, but with unbelievable depth in the right hands.

xKugo2517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )


This guy just said that Darksiders is better than God of War!!!! Gtfo!!

Majin-vegeta2517d ago

Whats your PSN ID ill check your trophies and see if it holds?

Animal Mutha 762517d ago

It is a bit arrogant but MS do put together compelling videos and many of the multiplats had an exclusive carrot for Xbox One added so MS are being clever trying to give gamers a reason to choose its console for the multis.

I'd like to play all of that lot and I'd be quite happy.

ABeastNamedTariq2517d ago

Titanfall looks fun. Although, I don't understand the pure fangirling over it from the critics.. Game of Show? I feel there were more deserving games (MGS V). But hey, what do I know? It probably went to playable stuff...

I like Forza, so if definitely download it whenever I get a XB1.

Dead Rising..I'd wait for a price drop but it looks interesting. The co-op should be fun.

Those are the games that interest me the most. But are they the best? Heh, heh. Matter of opinion.

n4rc2517d ago

Completely agree.. It looks like a straight up fps ala mw2.. Which I really want but wouldn't really call it best in show..

Getting forza at launch and will wait for a sale to get dr3.. Most games I'm interested in are multiplatform

ABeastNamedTariq2517d ago

Exactly. I think it's because of the jet packs lol. Im waiting for an Elder Scrolls or Fallout to download, honestly. That and stuff like Dying Light.

Also, I have to say, I'm loving the new UI. The black looks sexy.

P.S. - I meant "I'd" instead of "if"... Stupid autocorrect.

Gazondaily2517d ago

"Although, I don't understand the pure fangirling over it from the critics.. Game of Show? "

Titanfall is the FPS many of us imagined for a long time. It seems like a natural progression of the COD formula- Titanfall IS what the COD series after MW2 should have been.

It also tugs at the heart-strings of many 'core' fps players like me who played the likes of Quake and Halo etc.

Also, it is a new I.P. MGS V, as brilliant as it looks, is something we have already seen before E3 so the excitement factor wouldn't be the same.

gaelic_laoch2517d ago

No Live Streaming from M$....pity would be nice to see their games running live!

jackanderson19852517d ago (Edited 2517d ago )

the comment by the guy/girl in that article s/he's not wrong they did say you'll be able to watch the action on the xbox and IGN have said they'll have live coverage of it aswell... so not sure where the wires got crossed of if it's only going to be certain sections live like the speech crap rather then the watching people/journalists play the games

Either way can't wait till it's over so we can hopefully have definitive release dates for both consoles and more exclusives named for both aswell

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