Windows 8 dev: I've heard Windows Store may be coming to Xbox One

Flaregames' communications chief Gunnar Lott may have dropped a major hint as to what to expect from Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One Indie announcement, expected to be discussed during the firm's Gamescom showcase event tomorrow.

Speaking during Microsoft’s GDC Europe talk, "Be what's next – Microsoft's commitment to Indie success", Lott claimed that he had heard Microsoft's Windows Store – the app store used on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 – may be coming to Xbox One.

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n4rc2828d ago

Now THAT is a rumor I hope is true..

Mystogan2828d ago

This rumor is practically confirmed already everyone is saying. Microsoft needs to just come out and say it.

malokevi2828d ago

And no doubt they will.

I find it strange how people expect that MS should bullishly confront any rumour that surfaces immediately and head on.

Did anyone ever consider that MS has its own plans for how/when they plan to announce/confirm information regarding their unreleased platform? I think they are wise to hold some of their cards. Lord knows that their competition is champing at the bit for any morsal of information that they can opportunistically leverage in their favor.

MS has done nothing but make announcements and be forthcoming. Sony says nothing, and then pretends that they we're on the side of fans all along after the backlash sets in.

Keep on it, MS. Take your time. Its only the people who want you to fail that are desperately prying for more information. The rest of us know that good times are around the corner.

Supermax2828d ago

That's big news,means there will be a ton of indie games day one all they need to do is bring classic games back as well for digital purchase.

B1663r2828d ago

Would be a Megaton announcement and Doom the PS4 to obscurity.

Mystogan2828d ago

Don't you think that's kind of exaggerated?

B1663r2828d ago

Nope, Ive understated it actually. It will not only doom the PS4 to obscurity, but it will be the kill shot for Sony as well, because Sony needs the PS4 in order to survive another 5 years.

dcj05242828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Don't be a Daft Punk (Ba dum tssss)

paul-p19882828d ago

The only reason they are announcing their 'Indie Love' is because Sony almost blew the xbone into obscurity over the issue (one of many), so Microsoft had to make another of it's famous 180s to get them on side and not lose a massive amount of successful games to a competitor

rainslacker2827d ago

It may be a hit to PC's since people could use an X1 instead of a PC in some cases...much like tablets have hit PC's since they can provide much functionality. But I highly doubt it'll mean much to the PS4 since PS Mobile will likely be supported by PS4. It has similar functionality, and no dev would deny a revenue stream so anything important will come out on both.

Still good move by MS if true.

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sprinterboy2828d ago

Kind of a no brainer really

phello2828d ago

OK seriously how is this good news, that store sucks bad.

B1663r2828d ago

Load up the Gap app, try on differnt outfits in the Kinect mirror, show your friends in Skype.

They just captures >90% of the girl gamer demographic. If the only reach parity in guy gamers, to have acheived total console domination.

rainslacker2827d ago

Why wouldn't those girls just use their iPhones or other smartphones more quickly?

Also, lol assuming that all girls will buy a $500 device for that. You know how many actual clothes they could get for that much? I mean I don't, because I'm a guy, but you apparently know how young girls think.

Mystogan2828d ago

It means that any or most games/apps that will be released on Windows 8 is going to be on Xbox One. It might also mean cross-platform play.

You could be playing NOVA Or Order and Chaos on your Xbox One instead of just on your smartphone/tablet.

There is bound to be some blockbuster games released through the Store at some point.

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