Is The Wonderful 101 a pretty waste on Wii U? | VG247

The Wonderful 101 is a a cleverly-produced game exclusive to Wii U. VG247′s Dave Cook plays Platinum’s final code and ponders if it deserves to go beyond Nintendo’s borders.

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byeGollum2828d ago

What sort of question is this?

Coltrane_C2828d ago

I agree and I don't even like my Wii U right now.

3-4-52827d ago

This game reminds me of the random games that I grew up playing that made no sense but they were fun just to be fun because they were a video game.

I'm more excited about BF4, but this game looks really good.

ape0072828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

i hope this game sells well, i played the demo more than 8 times

classic old school game with a twist

Sincere01212828d ago

yawn, this article is a waste of time, another effort from a Sony fanboy to try an discredit wii u. Wii U is here to stay, and it's sales numbers will continue to grow especially when the true 1st party games and new ip's are released.
Wonderful 101 will be appreciated by true gamers who have the wii u or are planning on getting the wii u.

This game would be crap on playstation and xbox as they don't have the innovative screen on there controller which works nicely with this game.
It would be a waste of a good game if it was available to other consoles as they wouldn't be able to experience game as it should be played.

wheresmymonkey2828d ago

No. It wouldn't work half as well on anything else, and i'm not just talking about the whole drawing on the tablet to attack part.

there's several parts of the game that use the second screen stuff wonderfully.

The_Villager2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Dumb article. Can't wait for this game!

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