GTA IV Multiplayer Amendment - "Online better than we thought"

Gameplayer has just posted a new story which addresses some of the comments made in yesterdays multiplayer hands-on preview. It relates to the quality of the network code.

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chaosatom3333847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

weather effects will stand out above all else. It competetly changes the feel of the game.

mesh13847d ago

PLAYED ONT HE XBOX LIVE and is he was amamzed with the connectivity of xbox live while playing gta 4 it just shows what ppl have been saying xbox live is a higher serveive than any opther console online service as it offers ppl a lag free expreince unlike when i play on myt psn it laggss a lot and i can never get full matches and the waiting time is soo annoying to join a match on the psn and it lags a lot just my experience

chaosatom3333846d ago

what are you playing then?

I mean COD4 works like a charm, I never had a problem. So i am happy.

toughNAME3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

I'm betting it'll lag like a b****

EDIT - how many people are playing GTA online? Like 5? Once its released is what I mean.

I was gunna send you a PM but since you felt the need to verbally assault me, here:

A crazed avid Sony fan like yourself should take interest

Breakfast3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

"the game speed was so fluid and lag-free"


nice way of promoting your blog...a very good blog at that

Edit: no scratch sucks is what i meant to say.

JadeTyrant3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

now you are saying because xbox live is better than psn, that makes GTA4 on 360 superior to GTA4 on PS3?? It's the same dam game!! yes i agree LIVE is a more complete online experiece, but it is not some magical entity that makes a game more superior! that IS the dumbest argument i have yet to come across on this site. You went to a whole new level man! And cnets opinion on which controller is best?! Yep that makes it WAY more superior(giggle!)on the 360. SNAP! SNAP! Wake up, come back to planet earth! DLC doesn't make a game superior, it's just a nice bonus

Spydr073847d ago

What? You didn't know? Even if the game has no online, all MS has to do is put "LIVE" on the game case and it has a better frame rate, better graphics, extra content, etc. by default. Get with the times. PSN is like, so last year.

Buubar3847d ago

Maybe there's no lag when your playing 4 vs 4 but when you throw 16 people together all trying to shoot each other I'm guessing its going to get a little messy.

We'll have to wait and see, lets just hope Rockstar pull something out of the hat. Nether the less, I'll love this game.

SlappingOysters3847d ago

8 v 8 could prove to be too much

TrevorPhillips3847d ago

im in love with this game ive been waiting 4 yrs for this game and theres only 18 more days ohhh cant wait im so excited then ever before i want ittttttt nowwww :D

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The story is too old to be commented.